Friday, February 17, 2012

A Birthday Card for my Daughter (and one for a laugh!)

Finally finished this card for Ailis, hope she likes it (but she will because she thinks I'm the best scrapbooker in the world - it's nice to be idolized, I wonder how long that will last?):
I really struggled with this one, I had a heck of a time figuring out where to embellish and with what. I had to cover up some cutting booboos, so that's why the end result probably doesn't look too much like the sketch by Graphicat I was inspired by:
Anyway, I got to use my new Tickled Pink digi, although next time I think I'll print her out bigger, she was pretty hard to colour with my limited Copic skills. The paper is MME, cardstock, sentiment, and ribbon are CTMH, and the felt flower, fabric button, and lime twine are from Lovely Bug Bits 'n' Bobs. Spellbinders dies, Copic markers, a bit of Broken China Distress Ink, and a Prima flower round out the supplies used here.

And here's the card that Jason made me for Valentine's Day:

He has atrocious handwriting, not to mention he was writing with a Copic marker! It says "A Window to My Heart".

I don't know how I managed to turn over my desk, it was quite scary, but I thought it turned out pretty good considering he's never really done anything like this before. It's definitely going in my SMASH book!

I'm feeling like quite the dork today! Have you ever volunteered for something, and your efforts turned out less than stellar? Well, please, do share! Here's my embarrassing moment for today: I was planning to make cupcakes for Ailis' class for her birthday/Valentine's Day, but seeing their teacher was planning a chocolate fondue for that day and she needed 100 cupcakes for 100 Day (today), I told her I would make cupcakes for today instead. She got me to make 2 dozen, and they were to be decorated with numbers 1-24. Well, I can follow a recipe, but I'm no pastry chef, and my cake decorating skills are virtually nil, but I thought I could manage. To make a long story short, I was up until 10:30 last night making the bloody things and they look absolutely pathetic! The moral of the story is: don't volunteer to make cupcakes, or anything, ever again!!! I no longer care if I look like the slacker mom, I do not need to prove myself! (Yeah, right! Let's see how long that feeling lasts, too.)


  1. Lovely cards, your daughter will love it and being idolized will come and go over the years as you know.. but well worth it..
    Your Valentines card is wonderful and very much should be in a smash book..
    Cupcakes I bet you could bake them today and they would turn out wonderfully (I am sure the others are as well) Love reading your blog.. Take Care

  2. Repeat after me ... "I am NOT a slacker Mom!"
    Anyone who stays up til 10:30 decorating cupcakes that the kids won't really look at before they devour them is a ROCK STAR not a slacker!!! I'm sure they only looked pathetic to your overly critical eye anyway!!

    And very cute card! I really like how you embellished it so great job!! As my upline says, "a mistake is only another opportunity to embellish!" :)

  3. Ailis card is great! I love the colours! I think it's really sweet your husband made you a card...he made a valiant effort! I hardly think you could ever be considered a slacker mom! I know the later and longer you work on a project nothing looks right. I`m sure they were fabulous and Alison is right, the kids will have devoured them before they even thought to look at them!


  4. What? no photo of the cupcakes? ;) Your card for Ailis turned out great, she's sure to love it! Love the dies you used! Your v-day card from Jason is fun, too- love handmade cards from non-cardmakers :) Thanks for sharing it!

  5. I love the center of the top flower on Ailis' card!!! I will have to remember to try that. At least Jason put in the effort!! It took a few minutes but I did figure out what he wrote before you told us (: As for the cupcakes, I tend to be that slacker mom!! my life is just too busy already!! we even forgot to send in 100 things for 100 day, heck all I had to do was through a bunch of fruit loops or marshmallows in a bag. Have a great weekend!!

  6. I can see how the sketch was your inspiration. Thanks for joining in. Your hubbys card is cute.

  7. LOL You're funny Roxy, would have loved to see your cupcakes!! Bet they weren't nearly as bad as you thought! LOL
    Awesome CARD!!! LOVE the brown flourishes with the blue. Awesome!
    So glad you joined us again at Graphicat!

  8. Ailis is going to love your card - and you are one of the best scrapbookers in the world! It's so nice when husbands make an effort to do something nice - wonderful that he took the time to make you something from the heart. That's what it's all about. And hey, I'll take the cupcakes.....just sayin'!

  9. lol I can totally relate with you on the cupcakes!! I even took a cake decorating class and I still can't make cupcakes to save my life! LOVE your card for Ailis! The image is awesome and I sooo love your take on the sketch too! Those flourishes are awesome!! Thanks for playing with us at Graphicat Sketches too!!

  10. oh, and I love your husband's card too! it's so sweet that he made you one! Chris said that he's going to make me one next year, because they're too expensive to buy! I totally agree with him too...7 bucks just for a regular old card is getting to be a little ridiculous!!

  11. Love that card, the flourish's you used are amazing! Fab card. The card from your hubby is very sweet! Your cupcake story, good for you to give the cupcake making a try and I am sure they were just fine! We are always our worst critic.

    Thanx for joining us at Graphicat Sketch Challenges.

  12. Oh bless you Roxy, I'm sure that your cupcakes weren't as bad as you would have us believe, and even if they didn't look as good as you would have hoped, bet they still tasted delicious!!!

    Love Ailis' birthday card, hope she did too, but I'm sure that she would have :)

    Well done to Jason for making your card, so much more personal ;) and yes, it has to go into your Smash book ...

    Hugs Carole xxx

  13. LOL at the cupcakes - I bet they tasted great though :) - I am notorious for managing to bake lop-sided cakes that have to be straightened out with extra filling/topping! I still remember years ago my lodger and her boyfriend crying with laughter as I made 3 (!!) attempts at baking a cake - they all came out just was flat as a pancake. I layered them up and they tasted fine - it was only later I realised that I was using bigger tins than usual without increasing the ingredients to match!

  14. LOL! I'm sure you are your own worst critic! After Masterchef I reckon everyone's upped the ante on cooking criticism! LOL! I'm sure they were gr8... if not, I'm sure they tasted gr8!!! :D

  15. Ok the card is fabulous !!I love that image.Boo bOo in my book means YAH !!More Jason needs a 1000 kudos for actually making the card.My hubby won't even cross the line into the doorway of my craftroom,not to mention even buying a store bought card.Although I had to giggle cause for a sec as I was scrolling down I thought the inside were panties.LMAO!! Cupcake disaster...I think it makes you the best mom for staying up all night and doing that !!And they probably WERE better than you think !!

  16. I have to agree with everyone that the card is fab!! I love all the colors, did you stitch the felt flower yourself? And as for being a involved mom you did great, because I realized 10 minutes before had that my son needed 100 of something to take to class. So out came my flower punch and all my different color scraps. He got 100 flowers. So your cupcakes - I would take any day!!