Friday, January 27, 2012

Smash Book Post #2

Quick post today, just wanted to show you a couple of pages from my Smash book. This first one is one of the first I started. I was eager to try out some new things after Christmas, so I cut some wrapping paper with my new Lifestyle dies and used my IRock to blingify it a bit. (Apparently "blingify" is not a word, but I think it should be, how 'bout you?) Ailis has a heart of gold and was very upset that she couldn't buy Christmas presents for anyone, so she drew us each pictures and wrapped them up with some money she found laying around. That's the drawing she gave me on the right side, along with a recipe she wrote for reindeer food. Here's a closie:

Keep in mind she's only 6 and in French Immersion, so her spelling needs a bit of work! It says: Oats, love, sugar, dried berries. Gotta love it!

And here's a Roxy page:

A couple of semi-recent photos of me, a 12 year old gymnastics postcard that my parents picked up in Sydney, a couple of business cards, my top books from last year, and I thought that tag hanging down the center was pretty cool. It came with a pair of Converse sneakers that I love, and the date on it says 1975, my birth year (uh-oh, I just aged myself)! And I filled out a couple of journaling cards from my Smash pad, and it's done! From my last Smash post, I know there's lots of people out there with the books, so are you filling them up? If so, make sure you post your pages, I would love to see! Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Oh this looks great! I really need to get Smashing!!!

  2. Great pages Rox!! I love Ailis' recipe, what a sweetheart!! I agree with Blingify being a word (: Bling is even underlined in red ): I really need to get my butt in gear and get going with the smash book, it's such a great way to preserve all the little memories (: Have a great weekend!!

  3. Fab Smash pages Roxy! I too love Ailis' drawing and recipe, and your lovely page. I really must get Smashing, but must admit to being a bit stumped as to what exactly to do. I'll get there in the end, but in the meantime I'm looking forward to seeing more of yours, and to seeing Suzie's!

    Hugs, Carole xxx

  4. I think blingify should definitely be a word! Lovin your smash book so far! I still have to get going on mine...I started a bit here and there, but nothin much. The reindeer food recipe is priceless! And what a sweetheart to make you guys pressies wrapped up with some money! so cute!

  5. You are doing so well on your smash book.. mine rests nicely beside me here with very little done.. The ideas to do with it are great just have to get busy.. Have a great day. Take Care

  6. Great pages Roxy...I love your book! I like the idea of it but I don't get enough time to scrapbook so I can't trying to fit this in as well. I love Ailis present! So sweet!

    You asked about my diecut machine. I have a cricut, just the 6x12 machine. I love it, bought the new ctmh cart and really use it the most! I got mine at Michaels for $79. They usually have them on sale. I would love the expression so I can cut 12x12 but I can't afford it and it seems silly to replace my perfectly good machine :) When it does break down...well we'll see :)

  7. Love the smash book Roxy, I wish I had time on my hands to do one as well, but oh well. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Roxy, another set of fab Smash book pages, love them! I have also included lots of little pics from the kids, new and old, they are soooooo cute, as our yours too!
    I've managed to do about six or so pages so far on my smash book, and hope to upload to my blog in a few days, long overdue, I know, lol!
    Hope life is really good with you.
    Suzie xxxx :)

  9. You're a SMASHER!! ME TOO!! Well...I have the books but it's taking me awhile to get to them. Great idea of using xmas paper. One of those "why didn't I think of that" pieces of inspiration! LOL! And that's why we blog! I think blingify should be a word too! hee hee

  10. great pages Roxy. and um ... am I smashing? um ... noooo ... but I will. I swear. Really.