Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thank You Cards Inspired by Pinterest

So in case you thought all that pinning was in vain, this post should prove that it`s not! Thanks to Pinterest, I`ve finally figured out how to crochet flowers!!! It took a lot of messing and fiddling, but I think I`ve got it, and I`m going to love adding these little doodads to my layouts in the future! Here`s the set of cards I made for Ailis`s thank yous (a little late, but better late than never, right):

These were shamelessly cased from Nicole Heady`s card here, also found on pinterest and also the first crochet flower tutorial that I was able to decipher:
I don`t know, my cards look a bit too plain in comparison, but seeing that they`re going to a group of 6 and 7 year olds, probably doesn`t matter too much. It was a learning experience, and I`m just stoked that I was able to pick up a new skill!

And now it`s time for the first ever edition of Roxy`s Ramblings!!!

Did you guys all see the Hunger Games? I`m so jealous, I haven`t made it yet, and I heard it was really well done.

Speaking of movies based on YA novels, I rented Breaking Dawn a couple of weeks ago. Usually, I let Jason choose the movie for Friday date night, but this time I picked. Now I`m not the biggest Twilight fan out there, but I have read all the books and enjoyed them quite a bit, although Breaking Dawn was my least favorite. Anyway, I hate to say it, but this movie really stunk! What`s with the talking wolves? That part was just laughable! And the whole thing was just BORING!!! Big disappointment.

It snowed here last night!!! And it still hasn`t melted!

Did you hear that Scrapbooker`s Anonymous are having their last challenge? I`m so bummed, love their challenges and all the DT.

What do you all do for Easter? We`re usually pretty low key, but we`re having friends from Victoria come to stay, so maybe I should plan something special...

That`s about all for now, hope you enjoyed my cards and my rambles, have a great Easter long weekend if I don`t post my new project before!


  1. Can I say that I just love you! Your rambly post just made me smile and I had to share that with you. Thank you for the smiles!!
    Also - those thank you notes are SO cute! considering I never manage to send out thank you notes I think you are SO far ahead of me it's not even funny. ANYTHING is better than nothing - and those are really, super cute SOMETHINGS!! You asked about the crocheted flowers on my stuff and I completely cheated and bought them pre-made!
    Twilight movies ... I too enjoyed the books - not to the same extent as some of my friends who, quite frankly, were a bit scary with their admiration/stalking the movie sets - but the movies for me have been a HUGE disappointment. All of them. so much so that I can't even remember if I've seen Breaking Dawn or not. Which one was it again? For me, Kristin what'serface was ALL WRONG for the part of Bella and ruined the movies for me. But I digress ...
    See I can ramble too.
    We are here for Easter. Apparently I am hosting my in-laws and my two nephews on Sunday for dinner and an egg hunt. Oh and I need to provide a birthday cake for Paige so my in-laws don't need to come back the following weekend which is her actual birthday. gotta love when someone else organizes your life, eh?
    Off to make a card for my sister-in-law who turns 40 tomorrow. Hugs!

  2. Love the thank you cards! Less is more and these are fresh feeling. Have a Happy Easter....I will be cooking dinner for family, as per usual. Sometimes I wish one of them would cook!

  3. Wow lovely cards.. Yes I went the the Hunger Games and have read all the books really good movie.. Have a great holiday week end.. Take Care ...

  4. Your cards are super cute!! I too have read and seen the Hunger Games! I loved the books and they did a very good job of the movie. The only bad thing was they used a lot of shakey camera motions to minic the first person narrative in the book...poor Tina ended up with motion sickness. I was okay with it! Breaking Dawn is up there with Twilight for me...both badly done! I hope it improves for the second part since that's where all the action happens. I really want HBO to make Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworl into a series. They have done so well with Game of Thrones and True Blood! And yes I can't believe I cut up a book either but I studied Romeo and Juliet a few times in university so I do have several was okay to sacrifice one for scrapping :) My in-laws will be here for Easter, we only see them twice a year so I guess I can make dinner once :) Well I shall end my ramble. Have a great Easter!

    1. I'm not sure why I'm unknown...but it's me Jenn S

  5. Love the cards! They're not plain at all. And woo hoo to making your own flowers. Yeah I saw hunger games. It was good and followed the book very closely. Lol about the talking wolves. I totally agree. :)

  6. great cards.. I think they are wonderful and I would love to crochet. I've done it before, just need to get back to it and figure it out. It's been years. I love your ramblings.. we could chat it up for some time on these topics I'm sure. =) As for Hunger Games, its in my Nook queue, and I agree on the breaking dawn, not the best of the movie series to date and the wolf scene was soooo terrible. I was sorta embarrassed for the makers of this movie. who told them that was any good.. lol.. I really think my fav is new moon.
    and Easter will be low key here, dinner with my in laws.
    Thanks for the nice comments about SA. we loved the blog and it will be sad to see it go. We will still be hanging around.
    Happy Easter!!!!

  7. Your flowers look amazing Rox!!! Good for you for learning how to make them!! I think if there was more on the card it would take away from those pretty little flowers! Are these thank you cards for her birthday!? If they are I just have to say WOW!!! I have never even considered getting my kids to send thank yous ):
    I'm with you on the Hunger Games!! I want to go see it so bad!!! but just haven't got there yet. I agree with you on the Twighlight movies too!! They are not well done. A lot of the acting is crap, especially Bella. I could watch Jacob forever (: but....
    Azelyn's birthday is Sunday so that will be part of the festivities this weekend. We also go for an Easter egg hunt and decorating thing at my Aunt's every year. The kids really look forward to it. We are also going to the egg hunt the town is putting on and going to my mom's for brunch tomorrow and Lee's Mom's for supper on Sunday!!!!
    I hope you have a fabulous weekend with your friends!!! and I'm sorry to hear that Scrapbooker's Anonymous is calling it quits ): It's a big job keeping a challenge blog going though so....