Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First of all, just wanted to say a big mushy thanks to everyone who read my last post and left me a comment - you are all so supportive and wonderful, and that's what I love about spilling my guts in blogland!  So far my week has been much improved over last, and that is nothing to sneeze at!  Here is a card I made as my DT sample for July's Seriously Creative Challenge:
It's for my aunt's birthday.  I played with the idea of using some Tim Holtz stamps I borrowed from a friend, but then decided to go with the Dancing Girlfriends from Art Impressions again because my aunt's sense of humour is really whacked!  This photo may show the colours better:

Remember, the challenge this month is to use some items that are "Un-inked, Un-cut, or Un-opened".  I used two items on this card that have never before been used in the history of Roxy cards.  Can you spot them?  The first is the heart embossing folder.  I swiped the folder with the three colours of Summer Distress Ink, spritzed the whole shebang with water, then ran it and a cream-coloured tag through my little 'bug.  After it dried, I brayered  the tag with black ink.  The other brand-new-to-me item is the Inkable Crinkable Ribbon, available at an extremely reasonable price from Creative Accents.  The beauty of this stuff is that you can ink it to any colour you want and crumple it into a ball to dry to get this cool, shabby look.

And that's not all, folks!  Here's the inside of my card:

See these here flowers? 
 I think those are just the neatest!  I used the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die and the packaging material from the Distress Ink to make them.  I coloured them up with Copic markers, and they came out looking all delicious!!!  Thanks to Sarah for the inspiration for that one!  

Now I have a very important question for you all:  50 Shades of Grey trilogy, is it all that?  I've been hearing so much hype, I'd love to know from my worthy blog readers what the general consensus is.  Well, my boy's severely sunburned back requires attention, so must run!  (I think he learned his lesson from that one - next time I ask if he wants sunscreen, he'll eagerly run over and stand there patiently while I slather him in protection!!!  And then I won't feel like such a neglectful mother, right?)


  1. Such a fun card Roxy! I LOVE how you treated that tag!!! Definitely goes into my "have to steal" idea box. Okay, actually, I'm going to Pin this so I don't forget to steal it later!! LOL!
    Um 50 Shades ... I've heard that it IS all that (and a box of chocolates) ... I've also heard that it's not so much that it is all that, but that it's impossible to put down once you start it. Kind of like when you come across a car accident. You know you're not supposed to rubber neck and that it can lead to an accident of your own but you're just so GD curious you can't help yourself!
    As you can tell, I haven't read it yet but it's on our book club's unofficial required reading material list!! :)
    Hugs and sunshine!

  2. Your card totally made me smile, and I'm sure it'll do the same for your aunt :) Love the bright colours and that fun embossing technique!

  3. Gorgeous!!!!!! I love how you used the embossing folder and distress inks!!! I will definitely have to try that one out!! I love love love that image and once I have some moolah saved up it is on my wish list.
    I have bought the trilogy ($10 each at Costco) but I was already into another series so I haven't started it yet. Some people I talked to said the writing wasn't the best but the books keep you interested. They say to have your hubby close by for when you take a break from reading (;

  4. That card is flippin amazing Roxy!! I sooooo love the tag you made with the inks!! HOly smack!! it's sooooooo coool!! THanks for givin me some props too! As for the 50 shades of the risk of sounding like a total prude (which I am not btw) a friend of mine read a bit of it to me, and I'm sorry, it sounds like mommy porn to me...if it's okay for us to read that stuff...then we have to be okay with our husbands looking at penthouse or other porn because we all know that girls like descriptive reading type things and guys are visual...I think people are justifying it in some way, but I personally think it's glorified porn...just sayin ;)

  5. Now this is my kind of color! Love it from the inside out!

  6. Oh I forgot to add my comment on 50 shades of disappointing. Okay, I wouldn't refer to it as porn because porn is meant to turn you on, this doesn't. It's characters are unlikable and it's really really poorly written. Granted I'm only on the 1st book but I'm struggling to get through it. It can definitely be put down! Something really good needs to happen for me to read the next book. My theory is that if your significant other isn't rockin' your world regularly than the book might. If he is, well then this probably won't do much for you.
    BUT, I'll admit it's a fun book to talk about...whether you love it or hate it. :)

  7. Hi Roxy, Love your card it is sooo fun! and as for 50 shades I was asked to read it for work and ended up getting sucked right into it (which I really did not want to read at first). It is simple writting, as it is the authors first books, but it is the story that everyone is after. They want to know why HE is the way he is. I ended up reading all 3 in 5 days. I got 3 of my friends to read it and all agreed the same thing, they want to know what happened to him, to make him this way. At work we describe it this way - A romance novel is a story with sex, 50 shades is sex with a story. Hope that helps...