Saturday, August 28, 2010

Drum roll, please!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my blog-a-versary candy giveaway! It was sooooooo much fun getting to know everyone a bit better, and also to see the number of followers grow. Your music and book suggestions were FANTABULOUS, and I will be putting together a playlist of everyone's favourite songs really soon. (Sande, State of Love and Trust by Pearl Jam has got to be one of my FAVOURITE songs of all time, and I totally forgot about it because I have/had it on tape, and who has tape players anymore?) So without further ado, the winner of my blog candy is... Mel! Love you, Mel, and I'm so glad you won because I know that some of the products are not available in Australia. Email me at and I'll get your package out ASAP. Mel has been one of my most supportive followers, and she is also a wonderful artist, you can check out her blog HERE.
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  1. Roxy, Oh wow, you are not going to believe this, Jan just drew my rak and although you didn't win the big one, you won one of the other 4, they are really good too, thank you so much and I have so enjoyed getting to know you my friend and always find inspiration when I come here, I also like hearing about music and books and you would be someone I would love to meet in real life, who knows it may happen one day. My love to you, oh wow this is so lovely of you to firstly do a anniversary rak, and to win it is so amazing, thanks dear friend. Melxx

    Tell your boy he is just gorgeous....super cute, Nate is just looking here at him saying "I go play with him" how cute is that.