Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gorgeous Souls and a SMASH page

I apologize for dropping off the Doppler for a couple of weeks there, but I have a not-so-good excuse:
Yes, this is me, and I admit I have a problem! I have been sucked into the black hole otherwise known as Pinterest! It's brutal, I was googling ideas for fabric yoyos, ended up at pinterest, and before I knew it, a week had passed! But the good news is, now that I've got my boards set up, I should only pin the odd thing every few days - the novelty has worn off (I hope!) I've found a billion printable journaling cards, and I've got them all pinned, so if you want to embrace the pinning madness as I have, I've put up a "follow me" button on my side bar - go ahead and click it if you dare, but I claim no responsibility for the hours of your life lost that you'll never get back, haha!

So, onto the layout I finally finished last night, and I'm going to ask for honest opinions here. I used the home made patterned paper from my February Counterfeit Kit, wrapped it with some mesh from an onion bag, and attached it with brads - cool, eh? The words were inspired by art journal pages I've been viewing on, you guessed it, pinterest! I drew them by hand and coloured them with water colour pencils, which I really like. But here's where I need your help. I'm going to show you two versions and you get to vote for the one you like best. Both versions are very busy and I think I may have overdone it! Here's version #1, with less embellishments:

and version #2, with handmade pompoms and yoyos:

Last night I was leaning towards version #1, especially after Jason looked at #2 and his eyes started bleeding, but today I'm not so sure. I just love my little handmade goodies, but I suppose I can always use them on another page - what do you think? Here's the sketch from Creative Scrappers I used but didn't get in on time to enter the challenge:
I've also been continuing work on my Smash books (yes, "books" plural, I now have a red one, and there's a story on that to be told at a later date) so here's a Valentine's page I made to commemorate my parents' relationship and Ailis's birthday. (Incidentally, their 40th anniversary is on the 12th, and I have nothing planned, ack!)
This page was fun, I just mod podged a napkin from Ailis's party to the bottom, glimmer misted the top, and added some gorgeous journaling cards (you can find the link on my pinterest "Smash Book Ideas" board!) an inked newspaper clip, and a photo of my parents with Ailis. Oh, and the glittery chipboard came in a RAK package from my good bloggy friend, Alison. Hope you like, and if you're interested in getting ideas for Smashing, there's a Facebook group called SMASHaholics, but again I warn you, it's a VERY active group, so you might become addicted!


  1. OH!!! Thank goodness!! You are OK!!!! I was really starting to wonder when you got to the bottom on my sidebar!! It's so not like you (:
    When I first looked at the pages I liked the first one better, I found that my attention went to the embellies on the second one. But then when I went back after a bit and looked again I felt like the embellies drew my eye in to the pics?? So I think either way you are good to go (: Go with the one you like best!! I really love your homemade paper!!! I definitely have to give it a try.
    I tried out Pinterest over the XMas holidays because I didn't want to chance it getting in the way of work. It is such a great resource!!! You can find almost anything one there!!

  2. YAY!!! Roxy has finally succumbed to Pinterest :) Knew you would eventually!!! Just started following you!

    I didn't want to be the first to comment, but I guess someone has to be, so for what it's worth, I vote for the first layout because I think that since you went to all that trouble making your own pretty paper, then you should let it shine! Love your embellishments though, so would love to see them be slightly less over powered on another layout!

    Fab Smash page too - better your finger out and start arranging something for the anniversary and STOP PINNING for a little while ;)

    Hugs, Carole xxx

  3. Love the one with the yoyos :) great page and pics!

  4. LOL So glad to see you on Pinterest... I gave up facebook games 100% when I joined in, so there's no more time wasted than before, and way more inspiration :)

    I love your handmade pompoms & yo-yos, but I think they'll really shine on a simpler background. My vote is for page #1! Love the photos & quote you've used- it's fab!

  5. Well I prefer the one with the lovely yo-yos - I think they add definition and draw the eyes in :) - but then again I have been known to shout "Step away from the layout! Now!" as I don't know when to stop! Love the photos on that page too

  6. Yo-yos and pompoms all the way girl! Love them....and I usually tend towards the simpler layouts, but I think the colours are perfect and they enhance the layout perfectly. Love the photos too...great layout and sooo creative!

  7. Oooh. yes, pinterest is evil.. lol. I will need to look you up. I spend too much time looking and pinning. love your projects. I have two smash books but I'm not good at keeping up or smashing.. just like I don't keep up with project life or even my scrapping these day.. =) now I'm off to check out pinterest and this group you speak of.. ack!!!

  8. I love your layout! The background and the mesh rules and how lovely are those flowers! I've been told "how great" Pinterest is but to be honest I'm scared - for the very reason you've explained - I don't want to lose more time! I'm already sucked into Tiny Chef - a game on my iphone... it's insane!!! LOL!

  9. I love the cute! The pom poms give that extra something with the texture...maybe some smaller pom poms?

    P/s: Pinterest can be so addicting. I strictly use it to pin stuff I like when surfing...instead of checking out other people's boards...that helps with the sanity! lol

  10. I totally vote for version #2. Version 1 tends to leave the eyes roaming while version 2 has visual anchors (your adorable embellishments) for your eyes to rest on.

    Thanks so much for your sweet words, and coming to check out my Smash pages!! I have so much fun looking at all the creations on our Facebook group, but you're can really get sucked in! I don't think I got anything accomplished today! Haha!

    Your Smash page is so adorable!! I never even thought about Mod Podging stuff into the books! I'm SO going to give that a try!! And Happy anniversary to your parents!! Our wedding anniversary is also coming up on the 12th!! It must be a perfect date for weddings!

    I'm your newest stalker...ummm I mean follower!!! See ya on Facebook!! And now, I'm going to go check out all the printables you found on Pinterest! Call out the rescue team if nobody hears from me in the next week or two!! Haha!!!

    Amy E.

  11. Okay, maybe it was me that dropped off the planet! Somehow I missed this post of yours!! It may be a little late but I vote for #2 - Jason's bleeding eyes be damned! Those pom poms and flowers make it sing!!
    Oh, and I want my glittery hearts back! LOL! What a great page! How parallel are our lives anyway? Ailis birthday looks like it lines up close to Marley's (Feb 26th) and Brennas is close to LC's (March 23rd) your son's doesn't happen to fall around April 15th does it? (Insert creepy Twilight Zone music here) :)

  12. I'm definitely lovin the handmade yo-yo's and pom poms! They make the page! It's busy, but those fabulous handmade goodies just bring it all together! I am soooo hooked on pinterest, and I'm lovin it! I just love the inspiration, and recipes! Two things I can't get enough of!