Monday, December 31, 2012

More December Daily - Dec. 11th - 14th

Happy New Year from Canada!  I hope you all have more exciting plans than I do - I will probably spend the evening either working on this December Daily, trying to finish it before mid-January, or reading a good book (I've got several on the go at the moment!) or maybe watching something on Netflix.  As you'll see from these December Daily pics, I've had enough excitement (re. STRESS!) this month to last a while, and I'm getting surgery on my thumb on the 3rd, so I'm quite content to relax tonight!

So here is the spread I made for the 11th and 12th: 
 I love the chevron misting I've done on this page.  I cut a chevron background out of some scrap paper with my silhouette, then sprayed Kraft paper with Dylusions spray.  I didn't have much to take pictures of on the 11th, so I asked my family members what their favorite Christmas song is, and wrote about that.  The funny thing is, I can't stand Mariah Carey normally, but I looooooove her song, "All I Want for Christmas is You" - I sing along and dance every time I hear it!  The "Christmas favorites" 4x6 journaling card from Simple Stories fit well with this, because there's 5 of us, each with our own line.  Flip it over and you see this:
 Again, I didn't have much to photograph or write about on the 12th, so I took a photo of some of our Christmas goodies and another of Brenna getting into the box of oranges.  She is so cute!  She reaches her little hands waaaaaay up to the counter, pulls the box down, then puts it on the floor so she can pick an orange.  Then she says, "Hmmm, this one looks good!" and brings it to the table.  She likes to peel them herself, too!

Here is the second worst day of December for me!:
The 13th was the day it snowed and snowed, and I got my car stuck in the driveway on the way to pick up the kids from school.  I was very upset that we couldn't get the car out on our own, thinking we would have to pay for a tow truck, and who wants to spend money on something like that, but especially with Christmas around the corner?  Jason luckily remembered something about a roadside assistance package, so we were able to get a free tow, so it seemed like I was in the clear.

Then we get to the 14th:
The tow truck pulled my car out all right, but left it blocking the driveway slightly.  Even though I could not see a thing out of my iced up windows, I felt that I had to try and back around the tow truck so the driver could get on with his day.  With 20/20 hindsight, I realize I should have waited for the car to thaw, or something, but I didn't.  I backed the car into the tow truck (don't worry, the tow truck was fine!) and proceeded to curse myself up and down for being the biggest moron ever to drive a car.  I spent most of the day in tears, but the kids were a bit concerned to see me bawling like a baby, so I tried my best to carry on with our plans to decorate the tree.  It was actually really great to see the kids working together, and unwrapping ornaments they haven't seen in a year.  They both said (without prompting, mind you) that decorating the tree is their favorite part of Christmas, other than the presents, of course!

Well, that's it from me for now!  Do you have any scrappy goals for 2013?  I would love to hear them!  For the immediate future, I want to get this DD done, and finish the card I'm making for Jason's 40th birthday (it was on the 6th - it will be a tad late, I know!)  After that, I think I want to finish my 2012 Project 12 album and play a bit with art journaling.  And then there's smashing, of course, and the painter's tray I wanted to do for my parents' 40th anniversary, and LOTS of birthday cards, and... well, you get the picture!  A crafter's job is never done!


  1. Love the December Daily idea! My goal lastyear's was to take a picture a day. Well, thatdid not happen; I know that I would. Or be ale to do a daily like that! I do have a goal of finishing scrapping my wedding album; I did ONE page and started another- I have a set of pictures in those dreadful magnetic albums, so I must fix that!
    Happy New year, Roxanne! Got the new idea book, lots of scrummy new stuff!

  2. Hi, loving your DD. I missed your comment on locating me on Facebook, so i found you.. =) I know its late for the DD, but hopefully you will still add me as a friend. I'm starting Project Life, signed up for a year long class at Kerri Bradford, and will be trying to take a photo a day.. will see how it goes.
    A very laid back NYE here. Happy 2013!!!!!

  3. Hey Roxy, Happy New Year to you and your lovely family in chilly Canada :) Loving how your December journal is coming along - I have struggled to find the time for this lovely project this year, and am still only up to Christmas Eve, but I am determined that I will finish it because to hold that complete album in your hands sometime in January makes me so happy :) And of course it was through this project that you and I became friends :)

    For 2013 I am going to have a go at my own version of Project Life. I have bought some page protectors (I have a real "thing" for lovely little pockets to fill with lots of bits of my stash!)and an album and that's it! I will fill it up with bits and bobs that I already have and see how I get on. I think I need to be realistic so will aim to do maybe a double layout for each month. I have been thinking about it for such a long time that I just have to go for it!

    I will also carry on with my 12 x 12 layouts and possibly some more Smashing at some point too ... so much crafting to do, and so little time :/

    Big hugs, Carole xxx

  4. Ah yes, the infamous snow day ordeal. Hope you're feeling better about the van by now. One day you'll look back on this DD, on this page and laugh. One day. In the future. WAY in the future!! :)

    Keep going on your DD - it looks great. My goals for 2013 are to scrap more, SMASH more, art journal more ... hee, hee, hee! Other goals are on my blog if you care to read them!! :)
    Hugs XOXOX
    PS - thanks for the pic. It's on my fridge! :)

  5. Wow, looks like you had an interesting December!! :) Hope your thumb heals up!! :) I don't like Mariah Carey either, and so disappointed that she is going to be a judge on American Idol!!! :( Not really sure what my scrappy goals are this year. To do more of it I guess!! Now that I am a CTMH consultant, I've got incorporate that too!! And maybe try things that I wouldn't normally do, like mini albums!! :)