Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Me (and Jason, too)!

Whew, I've been pretty busy these days, what with the move and coaching soccer (yeah, somehow ended up as a volunteer coach for Ailis's team, even though I still don't know anything about the sport and probably didn't need more on my plate.  What we do for our kids!) then wound up with a wicked head cold on my anniversary.  Even now, almost a week later, I'm still sniffling and coughing, it's just not going away! 
I almost didn't post this card because it is such a blatant steal from Tara, but since I'm giving her credit and I'm directing you to her tutorial at Ranger, I figure it's okay.  Hey, you know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!  Also, I really wanted to show you what my wonderful husband got me for an anniversary gift:
If you can't tell, it's an Ott light!!!  After 14 years, the man knows me well!  So excited to be able to see properly while I'm crafting!

And, I wanted to show off my new house.  I'll probably post more pictures in the future (it's pretty messy right now!) but here's some of it, starting with my little office/scrap space under the stairs:
Check out the log staircase!  And that thing to the left that looks like a tree trunk?  It's a real tree!  (Or it was a real tree, seeing as it's not actually alive, but it goes all the way up to the ceiling where the branches come out the top.)

Here's Ailis and Brenna playing by the kitchen bar.  What do you think of these bar stools?
I love 'em!!!  They are tractor seats mounted on logs with horse shoes for foot rests!  The middle one is pretty comfy, it has an extra big bum cup, just perfect for me!  I think I'll be doing most of my scrapping there because I like the length of the bar.

Well, that's it for me!  I'm going to make me some Neo-Citron - gottta love that stuff, I think I might be addicted!  Thanks for looking!


  1. Roxanne, love the new place! Happy Anniversary! That card is amazing with the inks! The stools are fab! How fun! The upcyler is Valena V? ( never can say her name), but she is the owner of Goat River, located in a cute little "house" behind Janet's hair place (or behind the Village Inn, depending on which side you are on, lol). If you have not popped in there yet, you MUST! Lots of cool up cycled furniture and handmade stuff!

  2. Hi Roxy, WOW!!!!! What an amazing house, I adore the stairs, stools and wood everwhere, it looks magaical!!! We MUST see more! Happy Anniversary! and what a beautiful card. I love everything. I hope you and your family are happy in your wonderful new and beautiful home.
    Suzie xxx :)

  3. Wow House looks great looking forward to see some more pictures.. Card if lovely and great that you got a lamp..Have fun.. take care

  4. Wow! What a cool new craft area! And yay for hubby getting you a totally awesome gift. I love my Ott-light! Beautiful card too! :)

  5. I loooove this card! That is one of my favourite flower stamps! Happy Anniversary!

  6. What a striking arty card. Love it!!!!!

  7. Gorgeous card Roxy! Steal or no steal, you did the work and gave credit where credit was due so own your own fabulousness!!
    There, off my soapbox!!
    LOVE your house. Very rustic!! The kids must be having a blast on those stools.