Monday, June 3, 2013

So Crazy About You

Note to self (and anyone else who cares to heed this advice):  if you need to get a mole frozen off your face, especially a prominent part of your face i.e. your nose, do NOT get the procedure done on a Monday when you still have to go to work all week!  Can we say, "Embarrassing!"  Tuesday I tried covering up the damage with makeup, Wednesday I just slapped a big ol' band aid on the thing, Thursday I tried the makeup thing again and ended up buying some tiny, discreet band aids, and kept the mess covered until today, now that it's pretty much healed.  Whew!  And after all that, only two people asked what had happened, but I know everyone was staring at me funny all week, I could feel it!

Anyway, I did manage to finish this Hunter layout, so the week wasn't a complete loss!  What do you think? I think I'm loving it!!!  The pleated burlap is something new, and it wasn't sticking exactly, so that's why I added some brads as a design element (see, there IS a method to my madness!).  Here's a close-up of that, and the journaling:

 And another of his puppy face:

Of course I used a sketch, but alas I missed the deadline!  Is this the trend for the summer?  I sure hope not! Anyway, this sketch is from Let's Get Sketchy:

I think all the papers and stickers I used are from Echo Park's "Note to Self" collection.  (See how I tied that in to my intro?  You'd almost think it was deliberate!)  The burlap and brads are from Close to My Heart.  And that's about all I can say about that!


  1. You are too funny!! AT first I was thinking how nice you were to do a whole page about your dog (I can't even find the time to do pages about my kids never mind the cat!!) and then you talk about the purse!! Great page Roxy!!! I still haven't got myself some of the burlap, I guess I better put it on my next order (:

  2. LOVE that burlap! and I adore how you've sprinkled all those brads and buttons and ... did I spy some enamel dots too? Genius!!