Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finally done with these!

Well, almost. Did you wonder where I was? I've been getting used to producing something every other day, and it seems like forever since I've blogged anything. The reason is two-fold. First, I've been working on these birthday party invitations for Ailis's birthday. And, in typical Roxy-style, I made everything so much more difficult than it needed to be. I found a tutorial to make these little pockets here, and I thought they would be pretty cool. They are, but they're also time consuming when you have to make a number of them. Then, I didn't have any pink paper, so I used white and brayered it with pink ink. I made a couple of measuring mistakes, ripped the hole off one of the tags when I was adjusting the ribbon, barely had enough patterned paper, and I still have to make two more for the boys. Not to mention hand writing all the party info, gluing and glittering...ugh, I am never doing that again! It's just that, being a paper crafter, sometimes I put pressure on myself to do something original and special. Heaven forbid I use dollar store invites, gasp! After labouring at my desk for the umpteenth hour today, Ailis says, "I know Mummy, you just want everything to be perfect, but the invitations don't make the party." Now ya tell me!
The other reason I didn't get these done and posted earlier is that I started work again on Wednesday. I've been really stressing out about this, first of all because I couldn't find daycare for Brenna, then because I wasn't sure I had a job to go back to. Before Brenna, I'd been working for the past year and a half as an Education Assistant/Personal Attendant for the school district, which means I helped kids with special needs or behaviour problems. It's nothing I've been trained for, but it seemed to be a good fit for me, and for the most part I enjoyed it. Plus the hours and pay are pretty good. One of the down-sides of this job, though, is that at the end of every school year, there are lay offs and bumping. So, while I was on mat leave, I was bumped out of my job, and when I said I wanted to come back, there was nothing to bump into. Anyway, long story short, I did find a really nice girl with a licensed in-home daycare to take care of Brenna, and I did manage to find a job until the end of June. But, and there's always a but, my first three days back were so horific I'm contemplating getting pregnant just so I can go on mat leave again! (Okay, I'm kidding about that last part, but don't tell Jason, or he just might get ideas in his head!) Seriously, though, I don't know if I can make it until the end of the term. Have you ever been in a job you didn't like but had to stick with? If so, how did you cope? I'd really love to hear your suggestions!
Supplies (all CTMH): Tulip and White Daisy cardstock, Jingle patterned paper, Annotations and Cherish the Moment My Acrylix stamp sets, Tulip and Blush ink, Tulip marker, Prisma Glitter, Liquid Glass, White Daisy Organdy ribbon
Other: Creative Memories pen


  1. These are truly awesome Roxy!
    I totally get the desire to have everything perfect to the point of running the risk of not finishing a project. I am actively fighting those desires these days!! Ailis is a lucky girl! Hope you haven't spent all your creative energy on these - you still need some left for the party!!
    Again, totally awesome job!

  2. Oh Rox, I totally undertand what you are saying about having to see a job you don't like out, although I was never very good at it - usually looked for another and quit. Hang in there dear friend.

    Ailis is a very lucky lady indeed these invites are amazing, gorgeous and as I sit here Nate is asking if he can go to the party.....

    You also commented on "The Nook" kits recently and they are actually a US club, I will email you the link, I love them, gives me the entire range of papers and embellies for a line, so I can match everything. Would be heaps cheaper to send to you though being over your way. Love to you, Melxx

  3. They are gorgeous Rox! If I'm being really honest, I go to the dollar store ): I'm lazy when I know they won't be treasured the way I want them to be, and I'm selfish with my time.
    As for the job, just hang in there if you can. I think it takes time to adjust to being back at work after being off for a year. If it doesn't get better in a few weeks think it over again then. It sounds like Jason might be like my Lee, if it had been up to him we would have kids coming out our ears!!!
    Good luck!!!
    Hugs for a good day!!!!!

  4. Rox hang in there, I am in the same position right now - I do not like the job I am doing any more, I gave it some time, thought and tried to change things that I dont like and when everything I tried did help I took some time and really thought about what I wanted to do - so in June I am making a complete change and trying something new. So my suggestion to you is as long as you try to fix things and you still are not happy it is time to move on!
    Hope that helps a little!

  5. Love the invitations! Congrats on going back to work, even though it isn't something you are enjoying at the moment. I think we've all been in jobs like that at one time or another. I always find that when I first start a new job I don't really enjoy it...I think I am too stressed over learning the ropes. Maybe once you've been back a couple of weeks things will be better? {{Hugs}}

  6. Hi Roxy - I love the invitations and I'm sure that all the recipients will too :)

    I'm sorry to hear that you aren't enjoying your job at the moment. Maybe it's just that it's all new and things might settle down eventually (I'm hoping that that is the case).

    Sending you lots of hugs

    Carole xxx

  7. I know how you feel Roxy about having to go back to work...I found it gets harder with each child. I've been back a month now and feel I finally like I'm at least used to the routine. As for the job it's sucks! I got into this job for the "in". i work for the federal government so I thought I could put in my time and I could have access to all the internal postings and get something in my field (which is geography). This is while we lived in Edmonton and then we made the decision to move back home to Regina. It was a great move for us, my family is here and my husband can stay at home and raise our children. The downside is there is not alot of other federal departments I can work for here and really nothing in my area so I feel really trapped. I am happy to support my family and the benefits are fantastic. I have a ton of stability in my position so I hate to give that up for my husband to work as his area is not as stable. Okay so I really rambled on...sorry. I find that if I focus on the little things I'm looking forward to it helps if its been a bad day. I hope something else opens up for you in June!!!

    Your invitations are adorable...I would have never had the patience!!!

  8. Your invitation is great!!

    Hope everything pans out with your work situation.

  9. Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful blog post, I am so glad you liked the masking, I missed the deadline but that is okay, it is more about putting photos on the page for me. I hope you get the subscription for the Nook kits, I love them. I love having everything matching in the kits. If you do, let them know I encouraged you, I don't get anything but would love them to know that I may have had some impact on your decision, I used to go on the forum but with such a huge following get a bit lost there, I do participate in their challenges though and they give great prizes.

    I look forward to seeing Ailis's birthday party pics, I know Nate would love to see them.

    Again, I am so glad I found you through the are my type of gal. I totally relate. Love you Melxxx

  10. love love your invitations!!! thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

  11. Hey Roxy, as always love the posts of your projects. Now on to the job....

    we've all had jobs we weren't sure we liked or absolutely hated. My last job for instance! LOL. Having said that, I am a firm believer in things working themselves out. Keep your chin up, do the best you can while you are there, and keep in mind ....its just a job!!!

    good luck.....