Friday, August 31, 2012

Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge!

Yes, I'm squeaking in at the last minute at one of my favorite challenge sites, Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge!  One of the challenges for August is to scrap about a pet.  While technically Hunter is Nolan's pet, seems like I have most of the responsibility for his care.  If you are contemplating getting a puppy, just remember, they are a LOT of work, especially if you don't have a fenced in yard for them.  (Oh yeah, get this:  Jason finally built the fence about 8 months after we got Hunter, and as he's making it, he's telling me, "This is pretty easy!  I wonder why I didn't do it months ago?"  Please tell me, because I am wondering the same frickin' thing?  Can you tell I'm maybe a bit bitter after cleaning up all these messes?)  Well, without further ado, here is my page:
This page was a lot of work due to the amount of distressing and inking involved, but I'm pretty pleased with the results.  It correlates nicely with the real life mess Hunter made on a daily basis for the first several months we had him, as evidenced in the grouping of photos at the top left!  I've been known to use cardboard on a layout or two, but never as a base for the entire page!  I drew inspiration and materials from the packing boxes I'm still surrounded by in my scrap space.  Let's see, what else?  Some ruffled up washi tape, tags made from linen paper, inkable crinkable ribbon, and some crumpled up book paper add to the tattered layers.  Here's a close up of some of the elements:
And a pic of Hunter with his innocent face on:

The thing I don't like about this page is that the journaling is hardly legible, but I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to fix it.  Basically, I talk about how Hunter makes a mess every time I leave the house, but then he looks at me like this and I can't help but forgive him.  Dogs, eh?  So manipulative!  The place we're renting now has 20 acres with its own lake, so he's now allowed to roam free.  He is in heaven, I tell ya!  And much easier to look after, too. 
Everything on this layout came from my August Counterfeit Kit.  I'm so surprised I was able to make three layouts from this kit, what with a move and all.  Not sure I want to say goodbye to it just yet, but I definitely want to get in on September's kit.  I also used this great sketch from Scrap Friends:

But, alas, I missed the deadline.  Ah well, they have some fabulous sketches, so maybe this month I'll get in on one!
Well, have a great weekend, everyone!  I rented the Hunger Games for family movie night tonight (hopefully won't be too scary for Nolan and Ailis).  Then tomorrow we go to look at a house (fingers crossed, might be the one!) and I have a bunch of last minute school supplies to buy.  Other than that, just hanging out.  Hopefully I'll get some scrappy time, and remember, I have some celebratory candy coming soon!!!


  1. WOW, Awesome layout!! LOVE IT!
    Shame you didn't get it in on time cause it is fantastic!! Did I mention that I'm totalling LOVING it! :)

    And you will love the Hunger Games! The book is 100% better however, so after you've seen the movie and become hooked, go back and read all 3 books, you will thank me!! :)

    Enjoy your "hanging out" weekend!

  2. Wow poor Hunter.. he is a great looking dog and I am sure after a couple of years you will forget all of this.. Good luck with the house hunting.. take care

  3. Roxy - always a pleasure to have you with us at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge. Love how you mixed this with a sketch challenge, and LOVE the woodgrain paper and design of your layout!!!

  4. This is such a great layout! I looove all the distressing and the cardboard base is freakin awesome!! I love how you put things together that I would never think to and they work sooo amazingly!! Love it! Enjoy the Hunger Games, I read the books in like 3 days, they were awesome! The movie even does it justice, it's not as good, but they did a pretty wicked job on it :) Glad your dog is enjoying his new place! Hope you are too!

  5. I think it is perfect that you scrapped about HUnter and everything he has put you through (: Great layout Rox!!!! Every once in a while I want to give in and let the kids get a dog, I know how much they would love to have one, but I know the novelty would wear off quickly and I would be stuck doing everything. You are something else being able to scrap during a move!!! I guess I'm just not very motivated right now ): I hope you enjoyed The HUnger Games!!! I thought they did a very good job of the movie.