Sunday, August 12, 2012

August Counterfeit Kit

I'm trying not to freak out over this move, but...I'm kind of freaking out!  So, instead of gettting organized and putting things in order, I decided to get my August Counterfeit Kit together.  (I work better under pressure, so if I leave things to the last minute, then my stress level increases and... well, I'll keep telling myself that, hahaha!)  Here's this month's inspiration kit:
Isn't it purdy?  It's a digi kit, which is just so cutting edge!  When I saw the colours and papers in this kit, I thought it just screamed "Summer Fresh" by Simple Stories, and since I bought a few of those papers not long ago, they were my jumping off point.  Here are my full 12x12 sheets (top row MME Bright Side and bottom row Simple Stories Summer Fresh):

I think the back sides will work well, too:
Here are some scraps and embellishments I pulled from my stash to go along with it, as well as inks, sprays, a stamp set and some floral dies (just realized I don't have any alphas in there, oops!):

And finally, the part I'm most proud of, some hand made felt embellishments:

What do you think?  Now that I'm seeing them from above, my rainbows look a bit crooked, but overall I think they're pretty cute!  I have the pinwheel instructions pinned here, and the rainbows - well, I know I've seen them somewhere, but I searched and searched and could not find the exact ones I used for my inspiration!  Anyway, I would love to give credit where credit is due, so if these are your rainbows, please let me know and I will amend this post.

Sigh, I think all the kidlets are finally going to sleep - Brenna's been an absolute beast these past few nights, staying up until 10 or 10:30 p.m.  I don't know if it's the heat or if she's getting some molars or what!  Maybe she's just pushing the boundaries like a typical 2 and a half year old.

This should make you laugh!  As promised, I went to the walk-in clinic to get my thumb looked at.  I had all three kids with me.  Now Nolan tends to be a real hypochondriac, and he kept asking if I was going to die or if I would need surgery, etc, and he was pretty much in tears whenever the subject of my thumb came up.  Well, the doctor I saw is from Madagascar and has a very thick accent.  He didn't know what was wrong with my thumb, but he said it could be a ganglion.  Nolan gasped and almost started crying right there, he thought the doctor said "gangrene"!  I couldn't help it, I just had to laugh!!!  I know the situation is not really laughable (I've talked to 3 doctors now and none of them know what it is just by looking, and this third one wanted to refer me to a hand surgeon) but to see Nolan nearly pass out because he thought my thumb was going to be amputated, well, that just made me realize how much he really cares!  Seeing that we're moving so soon, the doctor suggested that I go in to the clinic RIGHT AWAY as soon as I get to Vanderhoof and they can refer me on from there.  What a hassle!  I'm pretty tempted to just take matters into my own hands - a bottle of wine and a sterilized needle and I'll drain the damn thing myself!  That would probably be pretty stupid, though... 

Well, the movers get here Tuesday to start packing things up, so I'm not sure what I'll be able to do with this kit before the end of August.  Here's hoping I can get in at least one page, from our new (rental) pad, before the kids start school and everything gets all fall-ish.  Wish me luck, and I'll try to keep posting comments even if I don't get any crafting done!  Hugs from Roxy!!!



  1. What a fantastic kit! I like the inclusion of the Tim Holtz ink pads and the Summer Fresh papers ARE the perfect addition. Good luck with your move and I hope your hand is better soon. Such a funny and sweet story about your son. You can tell he loves and cares for you so much:)

  2. Wonderful kit.. Good luck with your move and please keep us all posted.. yes get the thumb checked out up there.. one good thing you will be referred to someone in PG prob.. Instead of having to go south to see a specialist.. Take care thinking of you..

  3. Love your kit!! You captured the feel of the kit perfectly!Those handmade felt embellies are sooo cute, too!

  4. Your kit looks awesome! Hopefully you'll get to play with it now!! I hope they can figure out what's wrong with your thumb...I'll tell you, I almost threw up right now when you said you were going to drain it yourself!! BLEEECCCHHH!!! I can't handle those kind of things!! It's very sweet that Nolan cares so much! Poor kid, but I would probably laugh too! hehe..I'm kinda evil like that ;)~ I'm really sad that you're moving, and I'm not sure if I've been in my own little world, but I didn't even know you were moving until about a week ago when they told me at the store!! It might be a little harder to get together and get crafty when you live in Vanderhoof! Oh, and btw, your handmade embellies are FABULOUS!! The rainbows aren't crooked, they're whimsical! whimsical things don't have to be straight ya know?! :)

  5. Poor Nolan!!!! but it is kind of funny (:
    Love the new kit!!! seeing your kits and Smash pages keep making me want to do them too but I still haven't got my butt in gear. I need to get some MOJO back ):
    I hope your move goes well and keep us updated on your thumb!!


  6. Oh my, I hope you are able to get answers for your hand soon - you sure have a lot of your plate these days. Your kit looks smashing, I hope you find a little time to scrap.

  7. Eeek - ganglion is better than gangrene, but still not what you want at such a hectic time! Good luck with both your thumb and the moving.
    Meanwhile that kit is lovely - a great counterfeit - will you have time to use it????

  8. Great papers...I can say that because I included several of them in my kit too. LOL!!

  9. Looks like a great kit! I've been thinking of you and your move... hope it goes well for ya! Sorry I missed you last time you were through :)