Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stuck?! Sketches

Real quick post tonight as I want to get this linked in time and we're just starting a movie for "family movie night" - hmm, there's an idea for a new layout!  Anyhoo, here's my newest layout:
I really like how this one turned out!  I just love the brights of this Amy Tangerine collection, and I think Ailis looks just like a model in this picture!!!  Here's the sketch I used from Stuck Sketches (wow, isn't it awesome?):

And a couple of close ups, because I don't think my blog photos are really doing the layout justice, so maybe this will help:

Oh, I should mention that I didn't have the right alpha stickers for my title, so I changed an "m" into an "r" and the "t" is made from an "l" and part of an "x" - pretty clever of me, eh?

Well, I'm off to watch "Snow White and the Huntsman" - hope it's good!



  1. Love the colours.. and how you did your lettering.. well done.. take care

  2. This is wonderful Roxy, I LOVE the bright happy colours, and think it's fantastic how you managed to change the letters to make the words you needed, clever you!
    Beautiful layout of a beautiful girl,love it!!
    Suzie xxxx :)
    BTW, we love movie night in our house, sounds like it could be a fun thing to scrap too! xx

  3. Love the MacGyvered letters Roxy. I do that all the time as I am REALLY trying to use my stash instead of buying more!!
    Awesome legwarmers Ailis!! I can't see your hair close up but I'm guessing it's all crimped. So awesome!!
    Great colours Roxy - the more I see of that collection the more I want to get me some! Hmmm .... still not making enough money at my 2 jobs to pull that off. Sigh.
    How was the movie? we really wanted to see it in theatres but somehow that never happened. Will have to wait for it to come out on the movie channel now!

  4. Oh what a funky layout!!! And yep that is a fantastic idea for a layout! Haven't seen that movie yet... :D

  5. Fun and funky, Roxy!
    I have a group getting together October 15. You can email me for more infor:
    bumblesnbees (at) yahoo (dot) ca
    Welcome to Vanderhooof! :0)

  6. Totally awesome man!!! (: Fabulous layout Rox!!! Ailis' outfit is perfect!! The 80s have totally come back the last bit. All of those fluorescent colours, I even saw a Furby in the store yesterday!!!
    I did the same thing with letters on a layout I just did, only to realize I had a whole other sheet behind the one I was using ):

    Are you in the same town as Romaine!? Too funny!! She was on the same design team as I was (: Small world!!