Monday, October 22, 2012

Li'l Stinker

Here's the next layout I completed using my October Counterfeit Kit.  The pictures really don't do this one justice at all, the pinks should be that bright Picked Raspberry featured in my last layout, but here it looks almost like salmon, blech!  Well, you'll just have to use your imagination!  Once again I had a blast playing with my Cameo, using it to cut the title (I even figured out how to download and use a free font, thanks to a Youtube video I found here), rosettes, pink buttons, butterflies, and these wicked chevron arrows:

And here's a close-up of the journaling, pretty simple this time:

It's true, she's always making faces and using this devil voice she has to sing "Twinkle Twinkle" - it's hilarious!  Here's the sketch I used from Creative Scrappers (yay, I'll make it on time this month!):
Ever have one of those days?  Let me take a moment to tell you about mine!  It was -10 last night, and while we are no strangers to the cold, it just caught me off guard.  Luckily, I unpacked all our winter gear yesterday, but still have yet to find the ice scraper for the car.  So we're late getting out of the house (forgot to budget extra dressing time for the gloves and toques and such), and the car is completely iced up, can't see a thing, and I have a 9:15 appointment for Hunter to get his nards chopped off and his head looked at, so I have to put the kennel in the car, and oh look, it's full of ice!  Poor Hunter, at least the vet clinic is only a 5 minute drive away.  Yes, kids, I know we're going to be late for school, but just blame your mom, I don't mind.  The vet clinic is on the same block as the school, isn't that wonderfully convenient.  Only it isn't, because this vet clinic is closed on Mondays.  Huh, must have made the appointment at the other vet clinic, but where in Vanderhoof is that other clinic?  Let's go ask the friendly people at the tourist info center.  The clinic's another 15 minute drive out of town, and there's an orange warning on my dash saying that my tires are low, fill them up with air.  Well, I would if I knew how (that's what men are for, isn't it?) and if I had the time, but I gotta book it out to Braeside.  Finally find the place, get Hunter booked in and everything seems fine, whew!  Fast forward to 3 p.m. when I pick up the kids from school, and I'm all like, "Hey, Nolan, the vet is going to put a microchip in Hunter for identification, cool, eh?" and he says, "Hunter already has a microchip,  he came from the breeder with one!"  So, I just spent $55 for nothing - lovely, this day keeps getting better.  Oh, and Hunter didn't have just one cyst in his head, it was more like 4 or 5, right down to the bone, so the final bill was $700 +.  Wow, I think I'm just gonna go to bed now, g'night.


  1. First, love your layout and love that you are having fun with your new toy ;)

    Second, should I confess that I had to google a couple of words to fully understand the extent of your tricky day?!?!?! And -10 already?!?! oh my goodness! Glad it doesn't get that cold here very often. Poor old Hunter though, hope he makes a quick recovery both from his tumour op and the removal of his bits (one of the words I had never heard of) poor dog, he's not having much luck right now, and poor you with a vet bill that size - ouch!!!

    In case you are wondering, the other word I had to look up the definition for was "toque" ...


    Carole xxx

  2. I'm seeing more and more of the Creative Scrappers sketches - I need to use some, they always look like good ones!

    Your page is great - I like your cut-out arrow piece!

  3. Hi Roxy! Firstly, what an adorable layout and such an adorable little girl too! How cute!!!! So sorry to hear about your poor old doggy, what a worry for you, sending him lots of healing sparkles! We got a dog last year, and know only too well how much they can break your heart strings, and purse strings too!!! Wishing you all well. Big hugs Suzie xxx :)

  4. Lol - this is way 2 cute!!! Fab layout!

  5. Oh Roxy. I TOTALLY relate to your day!! Want to hear mine? Today was Hot Lunch day at the kids school which is my schtick now. so while the Mom in me was doing cartwheels over not having to pack lunches this morning, the coordinator in me was panicking because I'd forgotten to print off the tally sheets for the bins (so we know how many of each item to put into each divisions bins). Now we're running late getting out the door and oh, it's raining ... again! So please put on boots and rain coats and let's go. Insert 3 y.o. tantrum here. sigh. Then I had one of those "bad mommy moments" that make us cry later - I grabbed her by the arm, grabbed her boots, shoved them on her feet, grabbed her coat and yanked her out the door. And that's when I felt the pop. Oh SH-ugar!! No, no, no. Tell me I did not do this again! (yes, a previous bad mommy moment led to a ER trip and a very understanding doc!) guilty walk to school, fighting back tears. quick chat with fellow moms then guilty walk home. Oh, phew! She's fine!! She was just tucking her arm up her sleeve because she was cold!! Phew!! Okay, now get stew in slow cooker, get her gymnastics stuff together and get back to the school to start the Hot Lunch prep. 2 hours before pizzas are being delivered we discover a glitch and we ordered the wrong amounts of the cheese and pepperoni pizzas. Sh-uger! make quick phone call to pizza place. all fixed ... we think. fast forward to 30 minutes before pizza delivery and I discover that I forgot to print off the other REALLY important form that tells the teacher who ordered what!! Triple Sh-ugar! race back home, print off forms, race back, load bins, get bombarded by students "I didn't get my pizza!" find that the pizza place messed up too but all gets resolved. Go home, put feet up, 3 y.o. goes for a quiet time. Ahh ... oh, time to get the kids from school. Insert 3 y.o. tantrum here. Are you kidding me?!?!?!

    let's just say that waiting until 6PM for my (very large) glass of wine was torture!!!

    Now for the scrappy comment. LOVE IT! and SO JEALOUS OF YOUR SILHOUETTE!!! Had to be said. and in caps!! I think your Li'l Stinker and my Trouble should get together! Of course, we'd have to put out Perfect Storm warnings of our own!! LOL!

  6. So cute - the pops of pink for the title and journaling rock.

  7. What a fun layout! Much more fun than the day you had :( Love how you used this sketch with your kit!

  8. This layout is stinkin' adorable!! And I love the doodling! How are you coming on the 2012 Challenge?
    Wendy K.

  9. very cute layout. lots of little details to catch the eye. sorry you had a bad day but it sounds like a scrap page waiting to happen

  10. Love the faces on the layout! Those pictures are priceless. And your page captures them wonderfully. So sorry about your day.