Monday, April 29, 2013

Another Page for Let's Get Sketchy

I don't know if you'll believe me when I say this, but it's freakin' SNOWING here!!!  And not just a little dusting either, it's actually amounting to something, grrrrrr!  

Here's a quick page I whipped up for Let's Get Sketchy, and I think I'm squeaking in before the deadline:
I used this month's sketch #4:
I'm quite impressed with how much I stuck to the original sketch!  And a couple of close-ups: 
You know you're old when your birthdays kind of blend together.  I had a bit of a brain fart when I put my letter stickers down - I originally put "37", and then I realized I'm 37 now, and this past birthday I spent in Vanderhoof, not Williams Lake...  Oh my, let's just chalk it up to moving around too much, and not the deterioration of my brain!
Which reminds me of a funny story!  Did you ever hear that if you hold your breath during a sneeze, you kill brain cells?  And that those brain cells don't grow back?  Well, Nolan learned about that at school one day, and the poor kid was seriously freaking out!  Like, he thought every time he coughed he was edging closer to the brink of death!  That must be an Asperger's thing, because he wasn't just a tad concerned, he was having full-on anxiety issues!  Anyway, eventually things calmed down, once I explained that people must have enough brain cells to account for coughs and sneezes, otherwise the human race would have died out a long time ago.  Yay, mom!  How's that for thinking outside the box?  But he was unusually subdued for about a week, which was kind of nice now that I think about it.

Well, that's my rambling for the night!  Hope you like this page, and I better get it posted before I miss the deadline!



  1. this is a great layout, love the strip journaling, very nice touch, thanks for joining us at lgs!

  2. Great page Roxy, love all the journaling. thanks for joining us at LGS!

  3. LOL about the brain cells. However I'm certain I lose quite a few with each pregnancy. Great layout!. Such fun photos and I'm a big fan of journaling strips.

  4. Excellent job with the sketch! I love your circular die cut that you used! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Let's Get Sketchy!

  5. Fab layout Roxy, love what you did with a great sketch, especially the journalling strips :)

    Carole xxx

  6. Really cute layout. I like the journaling strips! Thank you for joining is at LGS!!

  7. Fabulous layout Rox!! I love all of the little strips for journalling and I think it's awesome that you get pics of yourself so often!!
    Too funny about the sneezing thing (: I wonder if you kill less brain cells if you sneeze real big as opposed to those little achoos some women do (:

  8. Love your journaling strips Roxy. What a great adaptation to the sketch! Thanks for playing along with us at LGS! You're on a roll this month!!
    Oh, and I'm with Lea - pregnancy causes you to lose WAY more brain cells than a few sneezes and coughs. You can tell Nolan he doesn't have to worry about that ever happening to him! LOL!

  9. love all the journaling, great job with the sketch, thank you so much for playing along with us at LGS!