Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Well Hello There" for Creative Scrappers 296

Hey everyone, just popping in on this gloomy Sunday to share my latest layout with you. 

Honestly, this is not the most embellished layout, but I'm loving how it turned out. It features a photo of Brenna from almost two years ago, and I can't remember what was going on when I took the photo, but her face looks so cute, and she looks like she's begging or pleading for something. It couldn't remain unscrapped any longer!

I used this sketch from Creative Scrappers:
And if you pop over there, they have a code for a free cutfile called Chopsticks from Just Nick, which is what I used on my page. I cut it out from white cardstock, and spent a morning last weekend using Distress Ink and my waterbrush to create a rainbow effect. If I were to do this again, however, I'd use watercolour paper, because often the colours would not blend how I was hoping they would. Ah well, live and learn. Plus, it all turned out in the end.

After I had the rainbow background down, I spent the better part of a week pushing stuff around on my page. Does it ever take you forever to get the simplest page finished?  Anyway, I finally got it how I thought it should go, but then I thought I would add some ink splatters. Good idea in theory, until a big huge splotch of the teal stuff plopped right onto my page! There may have been tears or screams of rage, but I've blocked that out of my mind permanently - hopefully my family has too! So I decided to move one of those embellishment clusters over to partially cover up the mess, rather than cut and colour a new rainbow, and it is what it is.  If I didn't tell you about it, maybe you wouldn't even notice, right?  Haha, yeah right!

So that's it from me for now.  Hope you've had a great weekend, and here's to getting some more scrappy stuff done next week!



  1. I absolutely love what you created!!! This just popped up in my email and i immediately went wowi !! Awesome job and thank you so much for participating with us at Creative Scrappers :)

  2. What a FABULOUS layout!!! Love the rainbow colors on the cut file. Thanks for playing along with us at Creative Scrappers :)

  3. I love your watercolor effect on the chopsticks! And yes, I have had layouts that take me days and days of mulling over, moving things, changing things, etc. So glad you joined us at Creative Scrappers!

  4. really cool layout!! thanks for playing with us! :)