Monday, November 15, 2010

Layout #79 - Let there be snow!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not really hoping for snow right now, it's just the title of this page. I made this layout as a Design Dollies trifecta, but alas! I missed the deadline for the colour challenge. I had the concept in mind all week, but I just couldn't pull it off in time. Here is where I will insert my life story, so feel free to skip to the next paragraph if you are so inclined! We had a very hectic week last week - meeting with the school principal Monday, hockey practice and book club Tuesday, dance recital Wednesday, try to keep the kids from going mental on Remembrance Day Thursday, hockey practice and dinner at a friend's on Friday. Then the boys went to Smithers for a hockey tourney on Saturday and Sunday and I stayed home carless and phoneless with the girls. Yeah, something's up with the phone, we have no dial tone and when it rings and I answer, I get this horrible cross between static and a fax machine in my ear. And yet we get internet access. It's a real mystery... Yesterday I had a couple of friends over to make Christmas cards, but before they arrived, I had to clean like a mad woman! You know when you live in your house, you think it's looking all right, maybe not spic and span, but passable. Then try looking at it with an open mind, as if you're a stranger crossing the threshold for the first time, and ACK!!! The upside to this frantic clean-fest is that the house now looks presentable, and I don't feel guilty for taking time to write this super-long blog post! And I may even have time to finish my cards, seeing as when you host people, you never actually get any work done - or is that just me, hee hee?

So this photo is one of Nolan playing in our big fresh snowfall last year. I used lyrics from "Frosty Returns" on this page - Ailis was watching it on Saturday, and I had the song in my head all weekend! Seemed appropriate. I misted over a felt snowflake to make the circle accent, did some random stamping for the little flags, and used a background stamp and brayer to make the houndstooth strip. That's right, every piece of paper (except the black) started out white!
Supplies: CTMH cardstock, Cosmo Cricket photo corner, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, Hero Arts, CTMH, and PSX stamps, CTMH embossing powder and inks, Versamark ink


  1. Hi Roxy, I love your misting/masking - very cool :)

  2. Doesn't that suck when you miss the deadline!!! I had a whole bunch of layouts for one sites challenges and I thought I had a week to post them but I didn't ):

    I love your story about your house!! That's me but I'm likely worse!! I try real hard but no matter what I do my house looks the same or possibly even worse by the end of the day ):

    Anyway, it's a great layout Rox!!! I love all of the techniques you used on it (: Fantastic picture of Nolan too!

  3. You are a creative "machine" girl! I would never have dreamed of using so much white paper, altered in so many ways...beautiful job!

  4. Wow now that was a super busy week superwoman, lol hope that visit with the principal went well??? I agree totally re: never getting anything done when people come over to scrap, and yes even though I bet your house looked fine, we always need to do the clean up beforehand hey, your phone does sound frustrating but on the other hand hey think of all the time you will have to scrap. Love to you, Melxx - Love the layout by the way.

  5. very cool that everything started out white :D

    i always love the clean house that results from company too LOL :D

  6. LURVE this page! very chilly and wintry, and he certainly does look like he's lovin' it! sorry about the colour challenge deadline, but the page rocks, regardless, and two outta three ain't bad, right? :)

    thanks for the love and support, girlie! always a pleasure when you visit us in the Dollhouse! xo