Friday, March 11, 2011

Project 12 and HUGE NEWS!!!

This layout took me entirely too long to do (like two weeks!), but I'm kind of in love with the result! I used the February Page Maps sketch for Project 12, but I swapped the journaling block for the heart-shaped journaling page and red stitching. That idea was way out there for me, and I almost didn't do it, but now I'm glad I did because I think it looks so cool! The little scene with the houses and trees and such was all stamped and paper pieced together, took ages, but the idea was inspired by Nolan going door to door collecting pledges for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, so I really wanted to create a neighborhood here. I painted the edges of all the photos because they were kind of dark, which is something I haven't done in a loooooong time. The journaling has some stamping in there to make things more interesting. The only thing I don't like about this page is that I didn't have enough room to write everything I wanted to include, but I'll just blog it instead.
So if you're here for the layout only, you can tune out for this portion because it will be on a more personal level. Remember a couple of posts ago I said Thursday was such a bad day and I couldn't talk about it? Well, on Thursday, February 24, I got a message at work from my husband to call home ASAP. Very weird, I thought maybe he went home with the flu. Turns out he was "Terminated Without Cause" from his job. WHAT?!?! I went home right away, and we were both in emotional turmoil. How could they do this to us? We kept going over and over it, and we still don't know their reasoning. We probably never will. I wanted to write about it here, just to unburden, but Jason didn't want me to at that point. The whole stigma of being fired was really hard on him. The last 3 weeks have been a complete rollercoaster, with Jason applying for jobs, traveling to an interview, talking about lawyers, money, etc. A couple of days ago, I mentioned how I'd been thinking about getting my teaching degree, and Jason said, "That's a great idea, let's sell everything, move to Prince George, I'll get a J.O.B. and you can go to school and in 2 years you can have a real career." So we both scrambled around to get 3 people to fill out the reference forms (very hard for me, I hate asking anyone for anything), ordered my ancient transcripts, and filled out the application forms so I could make the March 15th deadline. I know, talk about pressure! Then yesterday, Jason gets a call offering him the job in 100 Mile House that he interviewed for last week. So we've decided he should take this job, I'll put my educational dreams on hold for now, and we'll make a fresh start in a new town. We'll be a 45 minute drive from all 4 grandparents, so hopefully things will be great once we get settled. I'm just kinda freaking out here, though... Tons to do! Pack the house, put it on the market, quit my job, etc. I'll probably be up here with the kids for a bit by myself while Jason starts the new job, so that's gonna be tough, too. Wish me luck, and I just want everyone to know that I really appreciate all your support and kindness. I feel like I've made some real friends out there in blogland, and I love you all! MWAH!!!
Supplies (all CTMH): Colonial White and Cocoa cardstock, Grace Level 2 paper pack, Exclusive Inks stamp pads in Cocoa, Olive, Indian Corn Blue, Desert Sand and Cranberry, Neighborhood and Classmate Alphabet My Acrylix stamp sets, Natural Hemp
Other: Creative Memories heart punch and pen, Prima journaling card, unknown ribbon, staples and machine stitching


  1. Wow! Roxy, what an ordeal!! I'm so glad things are turning around but oh, having to move! Yuck!! Exciting too though. New town, new house, new friends ... dare I say, new scrapping stores? ARE there scrapping stores in 100 mile?! I'm really only familiar with the fast food places just off Hwy1!! LOL!
    Great P12 layout btw. You ROCKED that sketch! I am hoping to get to mine tonight. First I'm tackling some catch up on my One Little Word!! Oops!
    Good news about 100MH - it's got a Timmy's!!

  2. Oh dear girl, wow, so glad you got all that off your chest I bet, I am sorry about your husband getting fired, but isn't it just ironic that perhaps they did you and your family a huge favour, now being able to start out in a different place, I love the idea of this, I know the packing not so good, but look at it as a chance for a major clean out. I am so happy that this all turned out for the best and I am sure the company your hubby worked for will wish they had kept him on...lessons for them to learn. I just love your layout for this month, I am doing this also, and love the double pagers but this one is truly amazing, I love how you changed some bits of it, stunning and daring and the painted edges of the photos looks amazing, love to you. MElxx

  3. Roxy what a roller coaster for all of you! How are the kids feeling about the move? Good luck to you guys through the process, it will no doubt be stressful but worth it in the end!

    Your layout is amazing!!!! WOW! I love all the stamping!

  4. Amazing layout - love the heart and how you created your town embellishment. Definitely worth the effort.

    So glad things are turning around after the shock of Jason losing his job. Has he considered filing a complaint with the labour board? His former employer should be held accountable - may prevent them from doing the same thing to someone else. Packing up and moving is a huge job but it seems like you are staying positive! I have moved so many times (military family & husband)so I know what an upheaval it can be for the kids....but they adjust quite nicely! Good luck with the whole process....hope your house sells quickly!

  5. Hi Roxy

    Firstly, I agree with you about this layout, it is really lovely, I especially love the hearts and the little row of houses - well worth the effort involved.

    Secondly, I am very sorry to hear the news about Jason's job, no wonder you were upset that day! However, I strongly believe that these things happen for a reason, and hopefully this will turn out to be a really good move for all of you. My husband has been made redundant three times now, the last time being just last September, and each time it has seemed like a disaster but has worked out well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and your lovely family that the same happens for you all.

    Good luck with the house sale and packing (but don't pack your craft stash until the last minute!)

    Hugs, Carole xxx

  6. 1st the layout:
    All I can say is WOW!!!!! This layout is super amazing!!!! I love everything about it!! I love how you used the heart, the journalling looks fantastic there. The paint at the edges of the pictures really adds to the layout. I've been wanting to use that little house stamp for forever and just haven't found the right place but I will definitely use your LO as inspiration when I find the right pics (:

    2nd your crazy life (:
    You have been through so much!!!! Jason must have been devastated ): How can a company get away with letting him go with no reason?? I'm so happy he was able to find another job so quickly!!! It will be so nice for you to be closer to family! We are about that far from our parents and it's perfect! Close enough to visit and be there when you need them.

    Good luck with everything you'll have to do over the next little bit!! If there is anything I can do to help from a distance just let me know!!!

    Big Hugs!!!!!!