Friday, May 6, 2011


I'm really missing my blogging time, and missing all of you, my blogging friends! I'm posting this at the library because I don't have internet at home yet, and anyway, I would have nothing to post because everything is still packed. No crafty time at all! But we made it in one piece and everything is slowly getting settled. I will try to visit all your blogs really soon! Many hugs, love Roxy. Oh, and I didn't realize the last post would be posted without a story, but thanks for all your lovely comments and your understanding!


  1. Miss you too!!! Hopefully you will have internet soon (:


  2. We are having major blogger problems over this side of the world and many people are actually saying their posts have dissappeared and we have not no blogger at all for the last 3 days here so it is probably a good time to be off the scene, I am so lost without it, but that is just the addiction thing....Melx