Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In Honour of Valentine's Day...

I thought I'd post this SMASH page I finished the other day:

The photo is of me pretending to sniff some flowers Jason got me waaaaaay back in 2004 (wonder what he was sucking up about?) I also saved the card he wrote from that very bouquet (the benefits of being a pack rat!) to include here, and I filled out a journal card from my SMASH pad telling about the night we met. See the glimmer mist circles in the background? I used this very cool technique I saw on Dana Tatar's blog - place a toilet paper tube on your page, then spray the mist into the tube! Perfect circles every time!!!
And here's a picture of my dear Ailis on her 7th birthday yesterday. I ordered her a red SMASH book of her very own, along with a pad and some stickies, from Graphicat Designs. She was pleased as punch and would not go to bed until she'd filled in a couple of pages!



  1. Great page Roxy! I save all that stuff too!! Thanks for the great technique...have to start saving the tp rolls now lol! Ailis pic isn't showing up for me :(

  2. Great page! I love how the misted circles turned out!

  3. Great page Roxy. LOVE that you gave Ailis a SMASH book!! Marley would probably love one too but ... she got a sketch book for Christmas which will just have to do her! :)

  4. Too cute!! You'll be able to Smash together (: I love how you are putting things in so randomly (not in any order I mean) I think I might try to get going on mine over the March Break. Don't you love it that if we get flowers we figure they must be sucking up (: they wouldn't think to get them otherwise (men!!!!) I hope you had a great week!!! and thanks for the toilet paper tube tip (:

  5. Roxy, it looks great! I will have to look into this smash book further. I love how you got one for Ailis she looks so proud. It looks like something my middle daughter would love to do. Thanks for sharing! I agree with Jenn though - They must of done something if they brought flowers...LOL

  6. You need to show us what Ailis is doing with her Smash book, I love that you and your beautiful daughter can Smash together :)

    Love your toilet roll mist circles! Great idea (and I love that the mist is contained!!!) LOL

    Hugs, Carole xxx