Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Some b-day invites and a couple SMASH pages

A quick post today to show you what I was up to on the weekend, and to share some big news (no, I'm not pregnant, haha!) Ailis and I made birthday invitations for her judo party this Saturday. As you can see, I let her do the gluing of the elements. It took a lot of restraint on my part to let her do as much as I did, and I know some of you (Alison Day!) will appreciate this. I kept it very simple this year, as I tend to go overboard making beautiful invites that will, inevitably, end up in the garbage, as DH is quick to remind me! So, scrap cardstock, die cut squares, and an uncoloured digital stamp (that Ailis won herself from C.R.A.F.T. Challenges), and they're done.

Here are a couple more SMASH pages I managed to finish, one for Brenna:

And one for Nolan:

I've decided that this SMASH book is going to be about family and friends, but everything is still pretty random. I've got things glued in all over the place, nothing's in order, and I'm embracing the chaos!
Anyway, this Nolan page brings me to a boy update. As I've mentioned before on this blog but some of my new followers may not realize, we suspect that Nolan's got Asperger's Syndrome, which is a form of autism. I just got the date for his full assessment by a team of doctors, and this will happen at the end of March, woohoo! It's been a long wait, but in the meantime he's been making some progress with school and hockey with our increased understanding of him. Last week he participated in a geography challenge at school, and I think he was the top Grade 4 student - we were really proud of him! Then, at his hockey tournament, he made a major breakthrough - he came home and said to Jason, "Daddy, I just realized I can skate with the puck!" You have to know that even though he's been playing hockey for 5 years already, and he's a fantastic skater, he never scores or performs to what we know he can do in a game situation. It's pretty frustrating as a parent, but I knew one day it would click for him. After the light bulb went off, he scored a goal, made a couple of assists, and numerous shots on net! We were all very pleased, but then one of his coaches asked to speak to Jason after the game. Uh oh, what's he done now? But it was all good, the coach asked if Nolan would be interested in playing on a Northern Selects team! So now, he'll be traveling to Edmonton and Vancouver for tournaments, and representing all of northern BC!!! Holy cow, he didn't even have to try out! Anyway, now we're pinching pennies like mad, but we're all really excited for him and this opportunity! I told you it would be a good week!


  1. Wow!!! That's fantastic news for Nolan!!! Tell him I say congrats!! (and he'll say "WHO??") lol(: I love what you are doing with your smash book!!! You've almost got me convinced to just go for it!! I'm so happy your week has went well for you!! I have to tell you, mine is much better then last week too!! Make sure you stop by on the weekend to check out our new challenge blog!! Use It or Lose It

  2. That's such awesome news for Nolan!! I'm so happy for you guys! It must feel like a big relief for him when he figured out the puck and skating thing! I really like the cards Ailis made for her party! Good job mom for exercising self control...I can only imagine how hard it was for you! Lovin your smash book too!!

  3. Wow that's great news Roxanne!! He's gonna have so much fun and it's nice to hear that some things are clicking for him. YAY! Your so funny with the invites. I'd be like you tho, trying to ask if she thought they were straight. LOL!! Way to SMASHbook!

  4. Congrats to Nolan and a big pat on the back for you as well.. for both results with the kids.. great cards and I bet Ailis is very proud of her cards.. I know how hard it is to let them do there own thing but it pays off big time later.. Take Care love what you do..

  5. LOL! You're just baiting me to leave a comment aren't you?! :)
    But you are completely, 100%, spot on accurate. I would have been pulling my hair out, gritting my teeth and then possibly fixing them later!! Oh who am I kidding? I would TOTALLY have fixed them later!! Marley has been making Valentine's for her class all week and it's driving me nuts because I have other plans (the craft date that no one has signed up for!) and she - in typical Marley fashion - has just bull dozed ahead with her own thing. sigh. Apple doesn't really fall too far with that one!!
    Awesome news about Nolan! Isn't it great when they finally figure it out on their own? If you've got hockey tourneys to Vancouver on the agenda ... hmmm ... who do you know in the Vancouver area? ME!!!!! Call me so we can finally MIRL!

  6. Oh, how I've missed blogland and your posts! So glad things are going well for Nolan and I love you Smashbook pages!! I promise to stop in more often from now on! Hugs, Roz

  7. Roxy I am so happy for Nolan!! That's such great news!!! I'm like Jenn, your smash book pages are fantastic and have inspired me into looking futher into it! The more I see the more I like!! Maybe as a travel journal...then I can scrap on the road lol!!! Ailis's invites are cute...It takes alot to let go and let them do their own. Will had a family day project at school to create a scrapbook page. All I did was layout the pics for him and he did everything was painful but he was so proud when he was done!
    Glad you had such a great week...I hope next week is just as good if not better!!

  8. Your Smash pages and cards are wonderful Roxy, and I'm very pleased to hear things are working out well for Nolan.
    Suzie xxxx :)

  9. You keep making me think that I definitely need to be brave and make a start on my Smash book Roxy!!! I am giving it a lot of thought ...

    So glad to hear Nolan's good news too :)

    Hugs, Carole xxx