Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BFF's for "Use Your Stuff"

I just love how this page turned out!  I love the photo (my friend took it with her phone and then doctored it up with instagram - myself, I'm an instagram virgin, that was the first time I'd seen what it is!) and the boots (cute Quickutz die I borrowed at the Fiesta crop), the colours and the kite (I paper pieced that myself!)  I used a Creative Scrappers sketch, but I erased it off my computer and I'm too lazy to go looking for it right now!  Here's a close up of those boots:

 And another of the kite:
At the fiesta crop we had a pinata, and I was lucky enough to win some Claudine Hellmuth Matte Medium. This stuff is perfect for gluing down twine as it doesn't come out all shiny if you make a mess with it.  The hardest part of making this layout was probably choosing which of the Simple Stories Fab-U-Lous papers to work with, they're all so gorgeous for girly pages!!!

I'm going to enter this page over at a new blog I found called "Use Your Stuff" - their challenge this week  is to do a nature-inspired page.

So here I'll take some time to do a quick ramble for ya:

  • I had a fantastic time at the NSD Fiesta crop put on by Creative Accents on the weekend!  The food was prepared by a real live chef, and the goodie bags and prizes were fantastic - my door prize was a new set of Spellbinders!!!  It was only marred by my trip home, where I came as close to death as a person can get without any actual bodily harm.  A trucker was tailing me through a construction zone, where I was vigilantly obeying the speed limit of first 50 km and then 80 km an hour.  When I didn't speed up for him (I'm assuming it was a man, but I suppose it could have been a female), he flashed his high beams at me.  So I, developing a bit of fear and rage in equal doses, decided to roll down my window and give him the bird.  Yeah, admittedly not the smartest thing I've ever done, but I was hoping it would get him to back off.  It didn't!  Instead the blankety blanker got even closer and turned his high beams on and kept them on!!!  I have never in my life had something that big driving so close to my bumper!  Right after that, I signaled and pulled over.  I would have liked to get his licence plate number to report his reckless driving, but I couldn't see it.  Needless to say, my heart was pounding like a jackhammer for most of the hour drive home.  
  • Nolan and Ailis came home super excited yesterday!  The kid who threw rocks at Nolan's head last week jumped off the big toy at school and busted his ankle!  How's that for karma?  If I was a better person, I would have told the kids to show a little sympathy for him, but I guess I'm not that kind.
  • I won the random prize at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge for April!!!  Woot!
  • Do you have a cleaning schedule for your home, or are you kind of random?  I was always a random kind of cleaner, but now that I'm a pinterest addict, I've been taking note of some great ways to stay organized and clean better.  I'm trying to follow a schedule this week, and hopefully once I get into the habit, it will mean that my bathrooms won't be so grungey all the time.
  • I think I might have signed myself up for a running clinic.  Ugh!
Okay, it's 11 am and Brenna and I are still in our PJ's (she calls them jee-bees, so cute!) so I guess I best get going with my day!  Have a great rest of your week!

P.S. just had to add this - Oh, my God, I took Brenna and Hunter for a walk and had my first encounter with a snake in the wild!  People have said that there are snakes this far north, but I've never seen more than a shed skin.  It slithered right in front of me and I screamed!!!  I know the ones here are harmless, but still...snakes freak me out!


  1. I love how your layout turned out too! Those boots are perfect for this page! They're one of my fav 2x2's! I wish so badly to have instagram photos! I love them, but I have 2 years left on my crappy non-Iphone contract! lol I love the Claudine Hellmuth matte medium! You can also use it to seal stuff, like a decoupage too! I've been really trying to be more organized with my cleaning too...but I have to admit that I am a really sucky housewife! I am soooo unorganized...I blame it on my creativity! lol A friend of mine gave me a really great tip though...she said if it only takes 30-60 seconds, do it now instead of putting in a pile for later, just pick it up. It's really helped me this week! I can't believe you saw a freakin snake! Yikes!! Glad you didn't get hurt when that crazy trucker was tailing you too!

  2. Great layout!!! Love the kite...I have to say I am glad I didn't drive home with you lol.Sounds like the guy deserved the finger Heehee. I have got to try that Instagram thing too,have it,sooo don't know how to use it lol. So your next layout would be a snake ?? lol

  3. Roxy! You had an exciting week, lol. I love your page, the boots are so darn cute! I've been known to raise the finger a couple of times :) good thing to pull over tho, get rid of him! And....what goes around, comes around...karma!
    We do have a few snakes :) they always startle a person!
    Yes, I have a cleaning schedule :) a lady comes in once a week to clean my house, haha. I love it, one of my luxuries!
    I have just joined Pinterest, so when I get home from a week away, you will find me there, lol.

  4. Roxy I have been know to do more than scream because of snakes.. just thinking about it gives me the shutters.. Best think to do with those darn truck drivers is pull over they scare the you know what out of me.. Cleaning is a pain and I make myself do it just about every Sat morning but I don't have little kids around anymore so I am not sure if that makes it better or not.. Nancy so glad you get to have that luxury.. Oh yes love the page as well Take Care

  5. I love your page. I'm so glad you found us. Thanks for playing along this week on the Use Your Stuff challenge. I hope to see you again.

  6. Hey Roxy, sorry I've been MIA for a while. Love this layout and how the layered papers give it so much dimension! The boots and kite are cute!!