Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Creative Accents May Stamp of the Month

As part of my Design Team commitment at Creative Accents, I'm required to make some card samples once every few months for their Stamp of the Month.  Well, it's not really much of a hardship, especially when I get to work with a beautiful background stamp like this one from Hampton Arts:
This first card is 4x4, and I just used some black ink to stamp the background image on a panel, then brayered and sponged over it with some Fired Brick and Walnut Stain Distress Ink.  The patterned paper is from a BoBunny line called Serenity (GORGEOUS!!!) and I used a new Spellbinders/Page Maps die to cut paper for the sentiment.  Seems like I'm seriously lacking in small sentiments, so I just spelled out "hi" with TLC stickers.  The twine is from a roll I have sitting in the big mess of stuff on my scrap table, not sure where it came from, but I liked the olive green with the papers.  There you have it, easy peasy and reproducible at a moment's notice!
I loooooove how this second one turned out!  Let's see, I inked the stamp with some old turquoise pigment ink I had from Colorbox (I really had to work the petal on this one, as it was almost dry!) and heat embossed with clear embossing powder.  Then I just brayered over it with black to make this beautifully vibrant panel.  I inked up a matching strip of paper, stamped a sentiment, and cut it into a little banner shape (which it looks like I cut off when I cropped the photo, oops!), added a little twine bow, and she's done!  I think I might make another one exactly the same for my MIL for Mother's Day.

I have to interrupt this regularly scheduled program to tell you about a stinkin' hilarious book I'm reading right now:
I've read some of Susan Juby's other books, and they were really funny, too (even her memoir, which describes her life as a teenage alcoholic in Northwestern BC).  Anyway, if you do take my suggestion and read this book, I suggest you don't do it in public, because it can get a little embarrassing!  I was reading it at judo the other night, and luckily there weren't many parents around, because I was actually laughing out loud!  I tried covering my face a bit, and biting my lip, but I just couldn't help it.  Hopefully none of the kids thought I was laughing at them, might be a bit of a blow to the ego.

Speaking of blows to the ego, yesterday morning Nolan looked at me with real concern and told me how my skin is very pale and I have dark circles under my eyes - he thinks I need more sunlight!  The sad thing is, I've definitely looked worse!

I need your advice about a hypothetical situation (actually, it really happened, but I'd like to pretend that it's hypothetical):  what would you do if your child was walking home from the bus and someone (another kid, who should know better but probably doesn't) threw rocks at them, hitting them in the back of the head and the butt?  Nolan wanted me to call the police, but I finally settled on the principal.  She said she'd handle the boy (and his sister, who I think of as the ring leader), but, sigh...  it just kind of weighs on my mind.

And my Nana is another weight on my mind.  My dad's mom is 91 and has had pretty good health up until her 80's, when she fought and defeated breast cancer.  But my dad told me yesterday that she had a couple of strokes and is in the hospital, poor thing.  I guess she still has all her faculties, but is partially paralyzed on the one side and talking with a slur.  I bet my dad would love to go over to Australia to see her, but I don't think he can fly due to the blood clots he had in October.  

Anyway, didn't mean to turn this into more of Roxy's Rambles, but it kind of ended up that way.  Hope everyone has a great day, and hope you're able to get some craft time in!  


  1. Cute cards Roxy, they look really effective. Love how some books can make you laugh out loud, and equally how some can make you cry - when I have really enjoyed a book, when I finish it I miss it! Is that mad?!

    Sorry to hear about your Nana, that sounds like a bit of a sad situation for you all.

    Hugs, Carole xxx

  2. Ah, Roxy ... love your "rants"! First off, great cards!! the colour schemes are so dark and gothic - awesome!! That background stamp is gorgeous!!
    sorry to hear about your Nana. It's very hard to see those we love suffer - both her and your Dad. Sending you virtual hugs and hope for peace.

  3. Your rambles rock! (Excuse the pun! I typed it then realised!)... I reckon it was a good idea to tell the principal first... but I hope there are serious consequences for those children... otherwise call the police - that is soooo unacceptable... shocking, actually! :( Love your cards too btw! :D

  4. Hi Roxy!!

    Great cards, and well done you being on a design team, how exciting!! I would so love that, but have no idea how it works, has your lovely work been talent spotted? Yippeee if it has!!!
    or did you put your name forward? Either way, I love them!!!

    Love the sound of you book too, there really is nothing like a funny book to loose yourself in, I will look out for this too :)

    Roxy, I'm so sorry to hear about your sitution with these kids throwing rocks, that is simply awful!

    I totally understand how stressful and upsetting bullying can be, my eldest has been bullied in the passed, and know how much it effects not only your child, but the whole family.

    Absolutely I agree to make the school aware, and if it were me, I would insist that the parents of these children be made aware of what has happened and what their children have done.

    I would also insist that my child gets an apology from these children, via the school, and this was recorded by you and the school.

    I would defo keep my own records too Roxy (as upsetting at it may be) it is always worth keeping notes, if you have to refer back to them, and also the action that you took.

    I would also make it very clear to the school that unless action is taken, and your request (as above) granted and contined monitoring of these children both by the parents and school, to ensure this does not happen again, that you will take further action and report it to the police.

    I do understand Roxy, honestly, and really feel for you.
    Although, with my child it was never physical, just name calling, and being left out of things, it still really hurt.

    I have tried to teach my child better ways of dealing with things, and not letting things get to him so much, and everything crossed, things really have improved :) long may it last :)

    I know it is hard Roxy, but I'm sure this will pass, but I know you will feel better knowing you have done something to try stopping this, not only for your child, but also for others too.

    Sorry to also hear about about your Nana Roxy.

    Sending you, your Nana and children lots of hugs :)

    Suzie xxxx :) BTW, it's lovely to see you over on the FB Smash group xx

  5. Great cards Roxy!! I love that stamp...gorgeous!

    Have you ever read How to be a Canadian by Will Ferguson...I had the same problem. LOL funny...only I was reading it at work, which was a book store but the 2 customers we had were throwing me some pretty strange looks. Managed to upsell one (my justification for reading at work!) I will have to check out Susan Juby...thanks for the recommend!

    I really hope they sort out the situation with Nolan...I was reading Sue B's comment and she makes some really great points.

    Sorry to hear about your Nana.

    Sending big hugs


  6. First off, great cards Rox!!!! Those background stamps are fabulous!!!
    Second, I would just make sure Nolan knows to tell you if those kids do anything else to him and I would get in touch with their parents. They shouldn't be getting away with that!!
    I am so sorry to hear that your Nana has not been well!! It is so hard when they get to that age!! and on top of that she is so far away!!! She will definitely be in my thoughts!!!

    I am going to have to get a list of books from you in the summer!! I try not to read too much through the school year because I don't get my work done ): Camp season is starting soon so I will be bale to pick up some books (:

    Have a great weekend!!!