Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hey, all, welcome to another sketch from Sketches in Thyme!  Here we've got a beautiful 2-page spread, but I've decided to adapt it into a one-pager, and ended up with this:
Now I'm pretty embarrassed about the quality of this photo!  Would you believe we have three dead cameras in the house?  My favourite one won't even turn on, and I know it's not the battery, so I'm kind of freaking out!  Argh, and I'm going to the school assembly tomorrow morning, too!  I wasn't going to take the time off work, but then Ailis' teacher called to say she's getting an award.  What am I gonna do?

So these photos are taken in crummy light with a phone, and even though I've tried to fix them on Picasa, they really don't do the layout justice.  I will explain the title work here:

because that's the coolest part (and nobody can even tell, waaaah!)  I cut the title and stars out of the background paper using my Silhouette Cameo, then put some Sook Wang tape behind the cut outs.  Then I poured flock in different colours onto the tape and kind of rubbed it in.  Believe me when I say it looks MUCH better in person!  

As for supplies, I've used some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, paper from Simple Stories, and flock from Recollections.  And that's about it!  I sure hope that my camera miraculously heals overnight - fingers crossed for me, 'kay?


  1. The layout looks fun! It's too bad your cameras are dead :( I really love the glittery title!

  2. Well aren't you a clever gal! Great idea. Hopefully you can take some better pics once your cameras are better.
    What did Ailis get an award for?