Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photo Fun Day 12 - Sun Flare

I haven't had any luck yet with the June 11 prompt, which is "Silhouette". But I guess I can always post that one later. While I was hunting for that elusive sunset photo for Day 8, I inadvertently obtained these sun flare photos - who knew? Kinda cool, eh? I like!


  1. Hey Roxy! It was good to here from you! Seems like I saw a few others say that they were having trouble commenting. Glad its working for you now!
    Shew... I've just been forgetful. Seems like I've not been getting as much 'computer' time as I used to. Sorry!!
    I'm so glad you are joining in the photo challenge. I have really enjoyed doing it. I am going right now to look at all your other pics that I have missed. These are really good!

  2. lovely photo Roxy!

    Carole xxx