Friday, June 17, 2011

Photo Fun Day 13

"Reminds You of Childhood" is the prompt for June 13th. I kinda cheated on this one. I took this photo (and a few more) of this Easter Bunny on moving day. I won him in a colouring contest when I was six - first prize! He sat at my parents' house for all those years until my mom showed up with him in Burns Lake one day. I guess she got tired of housing him! I didn't want to keep him any longer, he was kind of a dust catcher, so he got left behind when we moved. But, I did want the memory of winning that prize, and seeing as it was Easter, I thought I would snap a few photos as memorabilia. Isn't he cute? His ears had wire in them so I could bend them around.



  1. Aw! Cute bunny! And a great memory!

  2. Love him! Love the memory tribute.
    Do you miss him now?

  3. Oh Roxy, what a great story, I used to hoard all memorabillia like this, but when I left my husband I lost it all, so having a photo is something that is the perfect idea to keep the memory without having to hide him away. I do this myself now too with things as I hate clutter around, I saw it on Oprah once where you photograph the item and then you can let go of it. He is a super cute bunny and maybe you should get into the copics as your colouring must be gorgeous!!!Melxx - Thanks for sending the mojo, must be still in transit. lol