Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photo Fun Days 22 - 25

I'm hoping I can get caught up on my photo challenge, I think I'm only missing one day now. Day 22 was "Landscape", which was agonizing for me! I could not find anything nearby to photograph that seemed suitable, so when I took Nolan and Ailis to Kamloops on Thursday, I took some photos near Cache Creek. I've always wanted to get shots of this unique hillside, so this challenge prompted me to finally stop the car and do it. Too bad it was raining!

Day 23 was "Black & White", which I thought would be easy because I love B&W photos. Took a long time to get anything decent, though. Here's the best of the bunch:

Crank it, Brenna! She thinks this is very funny!

Little miss pouty face!

I really like the lighting in this shot of Ailis.

Day 24's prompt was "Love". Since Jason and I had our 12th Anniversary in May, I thought these photos we took at the site of our wedding would be nice to use:
And finally, Day 25 - Citrus. This one was tricky, too. My mojo was not happening until one day when Ailis said, "Hey, look at what I did with my orange!" She had the cutest little pyramid, so I played around with different angles and settings until I got these:
Well, that's all for now. We just got back from a little day trip to Clinton, a small town about an hour's drive away. There's a team of NASA scientists there studying microbialites in one of the lakes, so we got to go into the command centre and see the video streaming from the submersible. Pretty cool, and of course I got pictures, so stay tuned for a LO at some point in the future!


  1. Your photos look awesome! Love the ones of you and your hubby! :) Looks like you all got married at a GORGEOUS location! I have got stuck on the citrus pic too.. I keep meaning to just snap a pic at the grocery store, but keep forgetting lol.
    I had looked into the Hunger Games series awhile back and then forgot about it. While checking on it after the comments I got, I remembered.
    You might need to give Harry Potter another try lol.

  2. Oh I am so sorry for being away too, work is good but just still trying to fit in a few things for myself eg. blogging, I just love these photos, the one of you and Jason is beautiful and the capturing of the details in the kids faces and the b & w photo, wow, just beautiful my girl, I cannot believe the kids are on camp, wow there is going to be heaps of scrapping to show us with all this extra time lol....doesn't work like that I know, how wonderful would that NASA place be to go too, love ya heaps. Melxx

  3. I'm getting caught up on your blog today! It's nice to take the time to check in on an "old friend"!! I love these pictures. Those hills by Cache Creek are so familiar to me! I used to drive from Vancouver to PG (and back again) several times a summer when I was at UBC and always had to stop at the DQ in Cache Creek! Love the b&w pics too. I don't take enough of those! (mental note to figure out how to quickly flip my camera into b&w mode!!)
    Happy belated anniversary too! 12 years, eh? Way to go! Greg and I are only coming up to our 9th.