Monday, August 1, 2011

Layout #36 - Sketchy Thursdays

Just a quick post for a quick page I whipped up last night and this morning. I'm heading to Williams Lake for the week for Nolan's hockey camp, so I won't be posting at all, but hopefully I'll be able to leave comments for you all still. Last year Jason took his holidays at this time, and we made a family trip out of it, and he did all the skate lacing, etc. But this year I'm on my own with the three kids. Well, I do have grandparent support, but still, it could be quite the challenge. I get to go to my fave LSS, Creative Accents, though! That's right, Tara, I'm coming to see you, so heads up! I'll be indulging my patterned paper fetish! Is there such a thing? If there is, I'm definitely afflicted! Case in point, I just HAD to have this piece of Basic Grey pp when I saw it, hmmm, three years ago (I even remember where I purchased it, see, I've got it bad!), and then I hoarded it and never used it! I resolve that from now on, I'm only going to buy a piece of pp for a project I have in mind or to match specific photos. Haha, let's see how long that lasts!

I really loved this sketch from Sketchy Thursdays when I first saw it, so I thought I'd better get in on the action.
It came together really quickly because I kept the embellishments very minimal. How do you like my homemade banner? I think that's my favorite part! I just used some background stamps, pink paper circles, and baker's twine. And I think I made a visual triangle of pink with the patterned paper, which wasn't exactly intentional, but whatever! I've had this page concept in mind for a while, because whenever we try to get a family photo, whatever the situation, it just never works out perfectly. It doesn't matter to me, though, I love the outtakes just as much as the good shots! Enjoy your week, everyone, and I'll see ya when I get back from my "holiday"!

Supplies: Basic Grey, Kaiser, and Beary Patch patterned paper, Creative Memories pink paper, Close to My Heart cardstock, ink, and stamps (Intrinsic Backgrounds, Noted Backgrounds, and Picture Perfect), baker's twine, staples


  1. Oh yes I believe truly their is a disease called patterned paper fetish and lots of us suffer from it. lol. I love how you used that gorgeous BG paper for the background, I love the block of photos mounted on a darker colour too, this makes it pop. I love impromptu photos, what a great story. Sorry it is raining so much over your way, quite the opposite here dry and hot during the day and freezing at night, hence the sickness is rampant. Have a great time on your adventure, you can do it, you will come out feeling strong that you did it all by yourself. Thinking of you, Melxx

  2. Hello, my name is Alison and I am a Paperholic (a.k.a PP fetishist!)

    Oh, and this is a great layout! Love the BG, love the banner, love the photos! Out takes are sometimes better than the posed "everyone's finally smiling so we're sending this photo to all our rellies" shots!

    Have fun in Williams Lake and shopping for paper!

  3. Love love love this! I loveeeeeee the photos and the colors! Thanks sooooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):)

  4. This is a great layout, Roxy! I love the banner.. I think that is my favorite part too! :) You have a beautiful family, btw!
    I suffer from the paper addiction as well.. so much that if I fall in love with a piece, I usually get about 5 pieces of it. lol Crazy, I know!
    Good luck on buying only what you need... I've never been able to do that for very long haha.

    In answer to your question, I did make the flowers in the first layout. I had bought some books from our library's annual used book sale. There was a particular book that I tried and tried to read, but never got into it. Tried to yardsale it, but that didn't work either. Sooo.. I decided to add it to my scrapbook supplies. I have to be very careful though.. while making a bunch of flowers, I happened to catch some that had bad words on them! :O I definitely don't want cussing flowers in my scrapbook! lol
    But anyway, again, Great layout! I wish that I could finish mine as fast as you seem to get yours finished! :)

  5. OK, I confess, I also suffer from this (not-so-rare-afterall) addiction to paper!!! Let me know how you get on with only buying what you actually NEED!!! Where's the fun in that anyway?!!!

    Love this page, love the funny photos, the colour scheme and I especially love the bunting - and I was thinking how if you only used two of the flags, being the shape they are, they could double up as a bikini top/bra for a beach/washing line kind of layout!!! Just thinking out loud!!! (sorry!)

    Hope your week away is better than you fear - how brave are you even attempting it?!

    Hugs, Carole xxx

  6. Hey Roxy! I was just thinking about your MIL the other day and was actually going to ask how that situation was then next time I commented! I completely understand the situation! We had some rough times too, explaining to Mom that we didn't feel like it was safe for her to be driving anymore. But feel free to talk to me about ANY of the stuff you all are going through... people like us have to stick together!!
    And if you don't feel comfortable talking about it all on the blogs, you can email me at:
    You won't be bothering me at all!

    And, YES!! I LOVE the Guardians!!! I have (almost) all the books and the movie! ... and a stuffed Twilight owl! LOL :D
    I have loved owls for a LONG time.. but it wasn't until recently that I began to collect them. People around here think I'm a bit strange lol. But, on a positive note, I am always getting free owls that people have found at yard sales or thrift stores. I'm beginning to think I'm a rescue house for all owl trinkets haha!
    While getting my soap dish yesterday, Shannon asked me if I was really an 80 year old woman inside. lol He just doesn't understand... :)

    But seriously, if you need to unload, don't worry about bothering me at all!! Email me or whatever! :)

  7. Love that banner! And so glad you played along at ST, your page is amazing!

  8. So much fun Roxy!!! I love the banner! What great inspiration for scrapping those "extra" photos! I love the title!!!