Thursday, December 22, 2011

December Daily Day 9

I'm having a very hard time keeping up with this project this year! The kids being home from school is really cramping my scrapping time. I'm going to have to start making notes on my calendar of what happened when (no, I haven't already been doing that, I thought I would remember everything, haha). Anyway, this page shows some pics from our road trip to Merritt a week and a half ago. I wanted more room for journaling, so I made a little flap that opens up with a ribbon tab.

This trip was definitely an experience. It was just Jason, Nolan, and myself, which hasn't happened in quite some time. I really enjoyed watching Nolan play hockey and meeting some of the families from his team, and I think Nana, Grandma and the girls and dogs had a pretty fun time too!


  1. Don't beat yourself up! Making the memories are always more important than documenting them!!

  2. I think anyone you attempts to do this project at such a busy time of year, and all that has to be done, along with looking after kids, is amazing!

    I have two kids, ten and seven, and knowing how hectic things get in our house, especailly at Christmas, am amazed I ever get any scrapping done at all. I'm still working my way through their baby albums, lol!

    Well done for all you have done, your journaling pages are beautiful, and I'm sure you'll get there in the end, just finish it at your own pace.

    Suzie xxx :)

  3. Looks like you had a great time.. Well done. Take Care and have a wonderful Christmas