Friday, April 20, 2012

Homemade Brownies!

So this layout was inspired by two different challenges, both of which I was too late to enter! (Story of my life these days!) The first was for a February challenge at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge, where they asked us to scrap childhood photos from a group we were in, like Brownies. Well, we are currently living in my mom's house, and she left behind some albums with these gorgeous photos of me in my Brownie uniform circa 1981. I hope you don't think I'm vain for saying this, but I think I could have been the poster child for Brownies - I just look so darn cute here! (This was my cute phase - the following year, I got an awful hair cut and started growing the most terribly crowded teeth you've ever seen. I was very self-conscious, for good reason!) Anyway, missed the deadline for that challenge, but put aside the Brownie photos to scrap later - I even found my old badges, if you can believe it! Then along came the challenge at Use It Or Lose It, where my friends Jenn and Jenn are part of the DT. Their challenge was to alter a piece of paper, turning it from drab to fab! Well, I've had this Sorbet and Chocolate patterned paper from the CTMH Twitterpated pack for ages, and haven't found a use for it. The Sorbet (orange, really) kind of went with the orange on my Brownie scarf, so I pulled out this sketch from Page Maps:
and went at it! I had a stamp set that matched perfectly (CTMH's Thoughtful Seasons) and did a resist with some Tattered Leather Glimmer Mist, so the orange shows a bit, but not as overwhelmingly as it did before. This sketch was also great for using up some scraps leftover from the pack.

A close-up of the journaling (I just did some notes about what I remember about being a Brownie):
And a close-up of some of the chipboard buttons I had to match the set:
When I had this layout on my table, Ailis became curious and asked what Brownies is about. That's how I got to thinking about my journaling. After I finished describing what I remembered, she said, "That sounds like fun! Do you think we could have our own, like, homemade Brownies?" I thought that was pretty cute, and it got me thinking about starting up a group here. A couple of days later, I brought Brenna to Strong Start and was talking about it to a friend there, who is going to coach soccer again this year, and... long story short, I think I volunteered to be a soccer coach! Ack, I used to despise soccer as a kid, with the kind of loathing I usually reserve for broccoli and cauliflower!!! The things we do for our kids, eh? I'm looking forward to it, though, it'll be our mommy/daughter thing.

Speaking of doing things for our kids, I kind of volunteered to do the hockey thing with Nolan this weekend. Jason's been in Kamloops for work, and I think he has to go back next week. Then on Thursday, he and Nolan are off to Edmonton for the last tournament of the year, phew! Anyway, I thought the poor guy could use a break and hang out with the girls at home for the weekend. But, Nolan's practice is at 8 am in Williams Lake, so we'll have to be up and out of here by 6:30. Bring on the coffee!

Oh, and speaking of hockey, Jason brought Nolan down to Surrey/Delta for a big tournament last weekend (they stayed in Surrey, played in Delta - also a long story!) His team lost most of their games, but the manager's brother owns a diamond mine (seriously? Who OWNS a diamond mine?!) and comped the team 40 tickets to the Canucks game!!!!! Not only that, but when Jason and Nolan were walking around after the first period, some Canucks rep asked them if they wanted to sit BEHIND THE NET!!!!! Yep, they had a blast (Canucks lost, but what else is new?)! Anyway, my husband really needs one of those man purse things, because he left our camera in the car. He borrowed his brother's camera, but whether I'll ever get a copy of those photos remains to be seen.

Whew, is that a long enough post for ya? My fingers are seriously cramping, time for a hot shower! Have a great weekend, everyone!!!


  1. It was lovely to read your blog this morning, what a busy family you have just as I did when my kids were young.
    I did enter the brownies challenge at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge and I loved it when I found my daughters uniform, badges, scarf and books they used to learn all about brownies.
    Scrapbooking really brings back some great memories and makes you think about all the other things we could scrap.

  2. A great page, I love using those sprays. I think you look so darn cute too :) Really good sketch!

  3. Such a cute page, with such cute photos :) Why is it that I love it when other people go to town with the misting and spraying on their layouts but I am too scared to do it on my own?!

    Good luck with the soccer coaching, that was rather brave of you to volunteer (or should that be silly?!)

    Just one thought to leave you with ... what's wrong with broccoli and cauliflower (or white broccoli as my kids have always called it?!) it's yummy, and very good for you as I am sure you are aware :)

    Hugs, Carole xxx

  4. I absolutely LOVE everything about this layout!!! LOVE IT!!

  5. Hi Roxy, Wow! Love your layout!!! How cute are you?! sooo lovely! and no, I don't think you are vain at all, such a lovely and very cute photo, I think we ALL agree!!!

    What a shame you missed out on the challenge, that is the type of thing I would do, I'm sure, lol! Not to worry, your layout is scrummy and so worth doing anyway!

    Gosh, you are such a busy Mum, and do so many wonderful things for your kids, even signing up for something you really don't like. Hmm, it's funny how when you have kids this seems to happen rather a lot, lol!
    I defo think more "you time" is going to needed very soon again Roxy!

    Thank you for lovely comments, I do love my little crafty space, and you're right, it is cosy, and love feeling all snug surrounded by my lovely stash. Don't be fooled though, it is usually a bit of a mess, and NEVER that tidy, lol!
    Thank you for the tip too about the craft room entries, I will take a peek :)

    Hugs Suzie xxxx :)

  6. Woooowwww!!!!!!!! What an AWESOME layout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry I shouted... lol!

    Seriously this is my new fave - I totally adore this!!! There's something about these kinda retro memories too - so fun and this has been scrapped SO well! You clever girl! :D

  7. Ooooh...such a beautifully composed layout! Just love all the elements you've used. And you look really cute in those pics! :)

  8. Awesome pics Rox!! I think it is so much fun to scrap your younger you photos!!! I love the strips of paper and ribbon and your altered paper looks fabulous!!! I really like the letters you used in your title, they almost look like they were cut out of brownies (:
    You're such a good Mom and wife!! Coaching soccer!!! and getting up early on a Saturday!!! I hope your weekend went well!!
    I'm glad you had a chance to play along with us at Use It or Lose It!!

  9. Awesome layout Roxy! I've been recently scrapping some old pics of myself too ... it feels so good to tell my own story! I've been so busy trying to "catch up " on my girls' stories that I got lost. so good job! Have fun coaching! If you need tips Greg can give you tons. He's been coaching the girls' for 3 years now!