Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some "ME" Time!

Oh, wow, did I ever have fun making this 2-pager:
And I'll tell ya why - hold onto your hats, because I had a whole day to myself! That's right, Easter weekend, I went to Williams Lake on Saturday, all by myself, and got my scrap on at Creative Accents with Tara! Holy, did I ever need a break!!! The last time I had a day with no kids or husband was my birthday in December, and I'm thinking I need to do this at least once a month - is that too much to ask? How much "me" time do you get? (Hopefully it's more than me, because than I can show Jason this post and say, "See? I told you so!") The other fun part about getting away to scrap is that I can use the cool tools at the store, things that I don't have at home. See the pinwheels? They were made using a die (Quickutz?), which made it so easy even I couldn't mess them up. Then the title was made using a brand spankin' new Tim Holtz Alterations die! I was soooooo excited to try that puppy out, it's a little ridiculous!

This was one of Ailis' last days of Kindergarten in Burns Lake. I had trouble thinking of a title, and then I remembered the school motto, Soar Like An Eagle. Just the other day Ailis was crying her heart out, all homesick for Burns Lake, her old room, her neighbours, her friends, etc. I'm thinking maybe she saw this layout I was working on and that brought these feelings out, because she hasn't cried about our move to 100 Mile House in almost a year! Anyway, a couple of days later she informed me she has a new best friend from her class, and she's been a lot happier. Kids are pretty resilient, aren't they?

I used this sketch from Sketch Support for inspiration (love their sketches, but this is the first one I've used):
Oh, and I almost forgot to say that I went to the movies with my mom (her treat, gotta love that!) to see the Hunger Games that same Saturday!!! Could a day get any better?! It's been a year since I read the book, so I'd forgotten a lot of the details, but I thought it was a great movie! My mom was so funny, she kept saying things like, "Oh no, I think he's going to die! Is he going to die? Oh wait, you've read the book, don't tell me!" There was one part where I think we both screamed and jumped out of our seats - fun, fun! So, if you aren't a Hunger Games fan yet, get yourself a copy of the book, read it, then go see the movie - that's what I'm sayin'!

Supplies: Close to My Heart cardstock, Studio Calico, Theresa Collins, MME, Pink Paislee, and unknown (pinwheels) patterned paper, Close to My Heart brads, Creative Memories pen, coffee stir sticks, Alterations and Quickutz dies



  1. I really love the pinwheels, they look sensational, great job.

  2. Yes you do need more me time we all do so with that said will be see you that first week end in May at CA for the Crop.. So looking forward to it this year.. Be sure to let Tara and Julie know you want to be at our table.. Lovely lay out by the way.. Take Care

  3. Hi Roxy, thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my blog. I have missed you too!! and all your fantastic smash pages and layouts :) Wow! I love this one too! I love double layouts and think they tell a lovely story, your pin wheels are FAB!!!!

    Soooo pleased you got some you time Roxy, yes you defo need that, you must insist on more, lol! Your trip to the cinema with your Mom sounds a hoot, how funny! lol!!! Your Moms sounds so funny, love her running commentary about who done it thoughout the film, he! he!

    Looking forward to seeing lots more Roxy and hearing all your news. you news.

    BTW, so pleased your little girl is happy now, and has a lovely friend. Yes, I so know what you mean about kids. My hubby's Dad died suddenly last year, it was a real shock, and the kids adored him!
    My eldest was so upset, and still cries from time to time, but my youngest, who was six at the time, never cried or showed much emotion.
    About eight months later, out of the blue one night whilst putting him to bed, she suddenly burst into tears, and just sobbed and sobbed, and told me he missed Grandad so much and felt so very lonely :(
    It was like a very delayed reaction.
    Thankfully he's been fine ever since. I think perhaps you're right your layout may have triggered your little girls reaction, and something did the same with my little boy. So glad they are both ok now :) Bless them, it really touches you how they sometimes show their emotions.

    Hugs Suzie xxx :)

  4. You have to have ME TIME!!!! otherwise you go insane ): I meet with the girls one Friday night a month and I also go to my SU friend's card nights. and depending on the month I sometimes go to day or weekend crops. Just tell Jason you NEED more!! (:
    Your layout is gorgeous Rox!! I love the pinwheels and the black trim going down the middle of the first page!!
    Lee and I have both read The Hunger Games but I still haven't had a chance to see the movie!! Hopefully soon!
    Have a great weekend!!!


  5. I love the pinwheels! Great Layout!!

    You should always have some "me" time!! I have my crop night once a month and I usually get an evening or 2 to myself to either go out with the girls or hide in my room without interruption! Dan then takes the kids camping once a year without me so I can have a weekend crop. Those are bliss!!!

    Loved Hunger Games...glad you had a nice night out with your mom!

  6. Cute pages :) I can hardly wait to get my Sketch Support books, hopefully my pages will be as nice as yours---and do you see, they have pinwheels up now, yours are so cute :)
    LOVED the Hunger Games :)

  7. Hey Roxy, loving this page :) Love the kraft and your pinwheels, they really add a special little touch.

    Haven't read The Hunger Games yet, but it is next on my list - just as soon as Alex has finished it!

    You definitely need a little bit more "Me" time, like all of us I suspect ;)

    Have a great weekend!

    Hugs, Carole xxx

  8. Oh so much to say ... so much to say ...
    First ... I know exactly which spot in the movie you and your mom jumped at! I jumped the first time I saw it but my hubby jumped SO high when we saw it together that even though I knew it was coming and was bracing for it, I jumped again! It was truly a freaky moment!! Great movie though and I have now devoured all 3 books so can't wait for the next movies!
    Second .. holy God! What is this "Me time" you speak of? LOL! Actually, I am getting a weekend away with my mom in June and that is the first "me time" since Paige was a baby and I took her to Calgary to visit my bff. so really, not even proper me time as I had an infant with me! Oh, I'm lying, I got a day or so to myself when the hubs was away at a Union thing and the girls went over to the Island to visit the in-laws. and I had a MAJOR assignment due for school so spent most of the weekend at my drafting table. |I repeat, what is this "me time" you speak of?? I say "Go Girl!" get your scrap on and enjoy! I take snippets of time when I can and enjoy the evenings out with my book club all the more for it. Heck even the PAC meetings are considered a "night out" for me. Yes, I am pathetic and have no life!
    Third ... such a cute layout! Love, love, LOVE the pinwheels. I am going to forget that you said there is a die to help you make them because the last thing I need is another die cut!
    Fourth ... ah, Ailis. As someone who was dragged all over the world because of my Dad's jobs, I can totally relate to her tears. But your comment is also true. Kids are resilient and I'm so glad she is making new friends. If I may offer a word of advice (call it a regret of mine) ... if she has friends in Burns Lake that are particularly special to her and you know their parents or another way to keep in touch with them, do so. I kept on touch with a primary school friend from England until I was about 17 and then lost touch with her. It is one of my biggest regrets. Visiting her at 15 and going to her school and seeing the life that could have been mine had we stayed in England was so awesome! I wish I could share with her what my life is like now. There aren't too many people around me that knew my real parents so the ones that do are extra special and losing even one is hard.

    Okay, lecture over.