Friday, December 21, 2012

December Daily - 7th to the 10th

So now that I've managed to mail out some Christmas cards, I figured I can concentrate on my December Daily album for a bit.  Here's the latest four days I've done:
(I still haven't found the "7" I cut for this page, so picture a black "7" on top of the green doily with a star, button or wooden tree.)  On the 7th, I brought Nolan and Ailis to the Parade of Lights and Midnight Madness.  It was cold and crowded, but the kids loved getting free candy and hot chocolate.  (I tell ya, if it weren't for this album, I probably would've skipped it altogether, but it's not like I had any other stories to document that day!)  What I didn't have room to say on my page, and what was really cute, was when we were walking down the sidewalk looking for a spot to view the parade, Nolan grabbed Ailis's hand to keep track of her!  He can be pretty protective that way.  The "Winter Wonderland" card seemed to fit, especially when you flip it over to see the 8th:
It's a "Naughty or Nice" card!  I checked off, "Just plain naughty" for these dogs.  They look so beautiful and innocent, but Jason was practically frantic when they ran off on Saturday.  He searched for hours!  I also didn't have room to write about how I was sick with the flu or something that day, puking all morning, ugh!  What a day that was!

The 9th, being a Sunday, was do or die for the whole family-Christmas-tree-hunt thing.  This is the first time all five of us have gone out together, and it was an adventure, mainly because of Nolan's griping and complaining and little Brenna having the time of her life out in the snow:
 I added another 4x6 journaling card because the story was a little longer than planned, but when you flip it, it looks like this:
I thought the saying, "Being together is the best gift of all" was a good one for this two page spread.  Not much happened on the 10th, but I snapped a few pictures of Ailis and Brenna working together on a Christmas craft after school.  This time, I didn't have room to write how once the craft was finished, Brenna ripped it to pieces!  Oh, she's a feisty one!    

That's it for now, but I should be able to get a bit more caught up this weekend.  It's pretty cold out today, and windy, which makes it feel 50x worse.  With two weeks without school for the kids, I'm glad I still have a box of you-brew wine downstairs - I'm gonna need it!


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