Monday, December 10, 2012

December Daily Catch Up

After a few glitches with photo printing and, well, just days not going at all as planned, here is my December Daily catch up.  
Day 3 is a work in progress!  It has the photos that will be going out in Christmas mail outs this year (note that Brenna is missing - I'll have to add her picture in once I figure out which one I'm sending!).  I also meant to include a card sample or a picture of my beautiful, completed cards, but seeing as I didn't get many actually completed, this will have to be added in later.  I explain a bit about this in my journaling on the 4x6 "Traditions" card.

When you flip the journaling card, you will see this: 
 Nothing much happened on Day 4, so I went with Nolan to hockey and took a couple pics of his practice.  It's very difficult to get good photos in the arena, so I was pretty pleased with these!

Here's Day 5:
 Nothing much happened on Wednesday, either, so I wrote about Brenna's and my day.  We went to the library to get some Christmas books, and then to Tim Horton's for a chocolate chip cookie (for her) and a large double/double (for me).  I decided to use the bag from her cookie as an insert of sorts - not sure if I will put anything in it, but I just like the print on the bag, and it made a great journaling spot!

Flip the bag over, and you'll see this:
The 6th was Jason's 40th birthday, and seeing as we don't have friends or family nearby, it was just the five of us.  We went out to a nice restaurant for dinner and ate ourselves to bloatedness.  The snowman is a piece of the napkin from the restaurant - I used ModPodge to glue it down to the backside of the paper bag, and it made a pretty decent journaling spot, too!  (That's gathered up washi tape on the side, in case you are wondering - felt I needed to break up the white a bit.)

So far, even though I'm behind, I am liking this album, although I may change my approach next year.  A couple of the ladies in our Facebook group are doing more of a seasonal journal, with current memories mixed in with older photos and memories, kind of SMASH-style.  This might be a good idea, especially if our traditions and pictures stay much the same, year to year.  We'll see, next year is still a long way off, and I need to finish this journal first, right?

In other news, I find myself heading to a very unexpected job interview on Wednesday!  I am so very nervous, I feel completely ramped up, scared, overwhelmed, etc. etc.  It's been years since I went to an interview, so...  aaaaaaaahhhhhh!  I'm freaking out!!!  Wish me luck - I can definitely use it!



  1. Lovely.. I love following your family adventures.. Good luck on the interview.. where are you going.. Take care and be sure to keep us posted..

  2. Roxanne, love that you used the bag for journaling! Good luck with the interview!

  3. Great job Roxy! the days that "nothing much happens" are the ones I struggle with the most too but you rocked them! Love the Timmy's bag - I have a Starbucks one in reserve for a similar treatment!

  4. Hi Roxy!
    I adore how your album is coming along.
    The pics are great and love how you have added bits and bobs throughout your day, like the bag and napkins, they look great!!!! Love it all!!!

    I have made good head way with mine too, loving the smashing style, and hope to have a day today to start taking some pics to finally share with you all. Using some old pics too, which is working out well (at least so far :)
    My smashbook is really starting to fill up quickly now, hope I can still turn the pages by the time I've finished, lol!

    Regarding your interview, good luck!!!!!!!
    Guess what?
    I too had an unexpected job interview this month, after eight years of being a SAHM, eeeeeeek!!!!

    I had wanted to go back to work for a while, but being out of the work place for a while, really felt very odd stepping back into it, and I took ages deciding what I would like to do, and how to go about it, plus, finding something that would work around the kids, their school hours and holiday.

    Turns out a friend of a friend has her own business teaching pre-school children ICT computer skills in various Nursery schools, and my friend put my name forward.
    Before I knew where I was, I was signed up for an interview.
    Like you, I was nervous, not liking interviews at the best of times, but felt soooo out of touch.
    Anyway, glad to say, it really went well, and that included having to do three unexpected tests whilst being interviewed, so glad I didn't know about those in advance, as I think I would have totally crumbled :)

    My training in now fully underway, and I start my job in January, yikes!!!!

    I'm sure you will absolutely brilliant Roxy, remember you already do an amazing job each and every day already, and I'm sure those skills will also really benifit you in the "paid" workplace.
    Let us know how you get on, what's the job you are applying for?

    Suzie xxx :)

  5. YAY! Well done on catching up Roxy! I love how your album is coming along (even if I can't quite believe that you are thinking about your next year's album while only a third of the way through this years album!!!)

    Now, regarding the interview, just relax! Breathe, relax and be yourself :) Prepare as much as you can and ask good questions - they will be lucky to have you! Good luck!

    Big hugs!!! Carole xxx