Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Layout #57 front & back

So this is what I do sometimes if I really love a double-sided paper. The top photo shows the finished layout, the bottom shows the back of said finished layout. I figure I'll make a few cards with the cute strawberry patterned circles.

This is another Ailis page, and as you can see, she's a real thumb-sucker! The dentist gave us heck last time, saying we'd better crack down on it pretty quick. (Did you know there's a device that they can stick in the mouth, it's got spikes on it and makes it uncomfortable for a child to suck their thumb? I thought that sounded horrible!!!) So now she goes to bed with socks on her hands, except for when I'm out on a run and her dad's too lazy to put her to bed properly and she ends up crashing on the living room floor, like in these photos! I decided to use 2 more prompts from my Scrapbbok Play book: Prompt #9 - try a new starting point (I used the cute Beauty Rest piece as my inspiration and pulled all my colours from there) and Prompt #10 - use 8 punched circles on a page. These were all scraps, too. My journaling was already finished (I literally just cut it out of my journal and stapled it on there) and there you have it! Another page, done like dinner!

Supplies: Cosmo Cricket patterned paper, various cardstock scraps, unknown ribbon, staples
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  1. Neat idea Rox!! You have a cruel dentist ): Great pics and I love the beauty rest piece!!

  2. Love the B&W photos with the colour in the circles. You have been so consistent with posting these layouts! I've fallen a little behind.

  3. Wow this is a great idea with cutting out the other side of the patterned paper, thanks for this great advice, I actually hate it when I get double sided paper because of this, I can't afford to buy 2 of all of the ones I love, but this advice makes me feel like I am getting more for my money and using a bit of the other side I love.

    I used to suck my thumb when I was little and thankfully didn't have to use any devices but it doesn't sound very nice, have you tried it yet? be interested in hearing more about what they say are the consequences of sucking the thumb, I was never clear on this, Nate has never did it, although his bot bot is a very very hard habit to break. Hope you have a good weekend, Melxx