Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 Layout Challenge #7 - Holy Smokes!

This will be just a quick post tonight because I need to get this layout linked up over at Design Dollies in the next 35 minutes, and my computer is sooooooo slow - it's slower than molasses in January! I love how this page turned out, and I attribute the entire result to a really cool sketch at Design Dollies. I don't think I would ever try laying my stuff out on a page like this, but I'm lovin' it! The photo is from almost 4 years ago now, and my little guy was just starting to do "experiments" (re. messing up anything he can get his hands on in the name of science!) He's still into science, and I just found out that at school lately, after his class watches a video on a planet (they're doing the solar system for science), his teacher gets him to carry on the lesson by telling everyone the extra things he knows about that planet. I already had the title figured out for this page ages ago, but when Nolan's teacher said that she could picture him being a university professor one day, it just brought the idea back to the forefront.

Holy smokes, we had some excitement here tonight! We were eating dinner, and my chair happens to face the window. I noticed a strange light, took a closer look, and noticed our neighbours' chimney was spewing huge orange flames!!! Jason ran out in his sock feet through the snow to bang on their door and tell them, while I called the fire department. Sad to say I did not have the number memorized or written on my trusty white board I've been meaning to hang up for, oh, 2 and a half years, so I had to look it up. But still, I was right on the ball and despite my panic, managed to even give the correct address. The fire truck arrived within minutes and the fire didn't take long to put out, so hopefully they do not have much damage. Still, very scary, especially to think that it could've happened in the middle of the night.

Supplies: patterned paper by Scrap Within Reach, Pebbles, and Pink Paislee, Hampton Arts and CTMH alpha stamps, Tim Holtz Distress Ink (walnut stain), Cosmo Cricket blackboard, DecoArt paint, Sakura pen, unknown silver ink and riboon


  1. We just have "000" to remember in fire or emergency so that makes it so much easier, but I totally get the 2.5yrs to put it up somewhere, never get that couple of minutes hey. I love your gorgeous layout and yes it is a little diferent putting the title down below but it is just stunning. I sent Amber your post to her email as I wanted her to get your Canadian greetings. Thank you so much for your kind words. And yes the cup is 1/2 full, we can encourage each other in this attack for 2011. Nice to know I have not been on this dark road myself and others like yourself go through it too. Thanks for letting me know, just imagine I am right beside you dear friend. Love you Melxx

  2. Fabulous layout Rox!! Nolan is just like I was at his age. I was always mixing up some kind of potion! I love the light bulb going on!!
    Thank goodness you ans Jason were so quick to help out!! Things would have been a lot worse if you hadn't have been there! Don't you love living in small towns!!!? Where it's not as simple as 911.

  3. LOL, my daughter loves making potions too - I attribute it to Harry Potter ;) Over the past year we have found all sorts of concoctions hidden in different parts of the house :/
    Loving the papers you used for this one. Layering up is super fun, and addictive too.

  4. I like how your layout came together I spotted this layout at Design Dollies and thought about giving it a try - I guess I will have to for sure now.

  5. Another great layout!! I love the light bulb. My oldest is into Robots...thank you Astro Boy. He makes alot of plans for things. I love your sons U of R sweater! Did you ever live in Sk or do you have family here?

  6. Very cute layout! I haven't played over at DD lately, perhaps the trifecta will be done this week because I really like this sketch.

  7. Love this layout Roxy - the photo, the title, the papers, everything is great!

    Just thought I'd add our emergency services phone number since you already have two different ones in your comments! We have to dial 999. Can't imagine having to look up a phone number in an emergency situation :( Scary. But how lucky are your neighbours to have such lovely people living next door who would spring into action (in only their socks!) and save the day.

    Hugs - Carole x

  8. love the lightbulb coming out of the head! very cool :D

    bet your neighbours are glad you called :D

  9. What a cute layout! Love the lightbulb coming out of the head!!!

  10. Great layout Roxy! Love the colours!!
    I've been nervous to try the DD sketches because they seem to have so much negative space (and I'm not good at only using one picture and/or leaving "blank bits") but you did such a great job it makes me want to try one!