Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Daily Day 17

I think the star of this page is the photo! Look at Brenna's cute smile! It's really hard sometimes to get her to smile for the camera, so I made the photo a little larger than some of the others in this album to allow it to shine. It was so cute on Friday, I found a whole bunch of old baby toys I thought I'd given away, and she just played the night away. It was like early Christmas for her!


  1. So glad you decided to high light Brenna here with a big picture. She really does look pleased with herself, doesn't she? Awesome!
    Finding old toys they'd forgotten about is the best! I love doing that. In fact, my girls just found an old Winnie the Pooh train set and been choo-choo-ing it around the house all day.
    I'm getting way behind on my DD - hope to catch up soon. Happy Christmas!!

  2. Gorgeous page! What a lovely early Christmas present for Brenna.

    Carole x

  3. What a cute baby. I like the stockings. What a great page.