Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Daily Day 3

Day 3 is all about mandarin oranges! The small tag in the upper right says: "We've gone through six boxes of oranges so far!" It's crazy, the kids eat them like they're candy, especially the teeny tiny ones. Mmmmm, so sweet! I'm not sure which photos I will include at the top of the page, maybe all three. This is me getting artistic with the camera, haha!

Anyway, thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy your Saturday!



  1. I love your ode to oranges page!!! It's all beginning to take shape now! Love your photos, and hats off to you for finding time to do this project with a young (and very cute) baby!

    Carole x

  2. We always got an orange in the bottom of our stocking. It was delicious on christmas morning! We would all snack on it while we opened our presents. So I like that you put this in your DD album!

  3. Such an awesome idea to include this tradition in your December Daily album...we're big fans of mandarins/satsumas/clementines at Christmas, particularly in the bottom of our stockings :) Your album looks great so far - I can't wait to see the rest!