Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Daily Day 21 and 200th Post!

So after the disaster of December 20th, I woke up with a new lease on life and decided that no matter what, I was going to have a better day with the kids. Part of my plan included bundling everyone up and going for a walk in the snow. It was only -10, but it felt colder, and poor Brenna's nose and cheeks turned pink pretty quickly, so we came back way earlier than I'd planned, but we had a fun time. I turned this day into a 3-page spread because I wanted to include the Tim Horton's wrapper. If you are not Canadian, you may not know that Tim Horton's is a donut shop/coffee franchise, and it's somewhat of a Canadian institution. Pretty much every town has one, Burns Lake being one of the exceptions! So, if ever anyone passes through a town with a Tim Horton's on their way to Burns Lake, it is kind of an unwritten rule (or suggestion) that they bring somthing from Timmie's for us, be it donuts, cookies, or muffins. This day, Jason had to go to Vanderhoof for work, so he brought the kids each one of these candy cane donuts home. (I was mad that he didn't bring me one, but he said, "I was only thinking of you, I know you're trying to 'eat clean'!" How thoughtful!!!) Anyway, with a couple of stamped journaling spots, the wrapper makes a unique addition to my album. What do you think?


  1. LOVE the Timmie's bag!! Those are the memories that I think this whole process is trying to promote ... the everyday stuff.
    Great job with this layout. Brenna's cheeks are SO cute! and I especially love the flower embellishment - very festive!
    Oh and I HATE it when the hubs says stuff like that. He really is in a lose-lose situation but if you've got to drive all the way to Vanderhoof just for a crueller (or whatever your favourite is, personally I love the old fashioned glazed!) then I think the diet can be put aside for a little slice of Tim's Heaven! So there Jason!! LOL!
    Send me your address and I'll send you Tim's whenever you want them!!

  2. Well, it sounds like we are missing out on yet another thing here in the UK! I have never heard of Tim Horton's but I think I might like it! Love the wrapper anyway! Great idea to include in your journal. We pretty much only get jam doughnuts or iced ones here, sounds like you have a whole menu of them!

    Love the walking photos, but not keen on the temperature! And I thought that it has been cold here recently ...!!!

    Carole x

  3. Wow!!! I have fallen so far behind on my comments!!! I read this post and the horrid day post (: but will have to go back to the others later. Your pages look fantastic! and I am proud of you for keeping it going through the holidays!! I don't know how you did it!! I feel like I haven't been home for a week with all of the family get togethers (:

    I hope you have a fabulous New Year!! and like I said to Kim, I hope we can keep this challenge thing going for 2011. I may adjust my goal to something a little more realistic for me though (: