Monday, June 6, 2011

New Photo Challenge and 30 Day Shred!

So I decided to join in a photo challenge I heard about over at Hollie's blog. The prompts are a lot of fun, and I should be able to take a few photos a day for the month of June, right? Us scrappers do that anyway, don't we? Well, I'm joining in a few days late, so I'll have to catch up here. Day 1 is a self-portrait. I want to take a nice photo of myself, looking as I typically do, but I'm going to have to wait for better light, so I'll post it later. If, however, you can't wait to see me in all my glory (yeah, right!), you can check out my fitness blog for not one, but THREE shots of me in my workout gear! Now this is a little embarassing, but it's where the 30 Day Shred comes in. You all know I did Femsport in April, but since then, I have done virtually NOTHING for exercise. Then, about a week ago, I noticed a few bloggers I follow were talking about getting in shape, losing weight, etc. It inspired me to start up again. Laurie mentioned doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred for a second time over at her blog, so when I saw the 30 Day Shred DVD at the library, I promptly borrowed it. Worth a try, right? I'll let ya know how I do later on my fitness blog. I started trying to eat clean a couple of weeks ago, and it's been going so-so, but it also helps to explain my photo for the Day 5 prompt:

The prompt is "Breakfast Today", and this is the typical "clean eating" fare: egg whites, plain oatmeal, coffee, and a glass of water. If you're thinking that this sounds disgusting, well, it does take a bit of getting used to. I usually sweeten the oatmeal and coffee with Stevia, and I do put salt on the egg whites. Sometimes I throw some raisins into the oatmeal to really liven it up, but I ran out of those yesterday.

Here are some photos I took yesterday for Day 3 - Hands. This one is of Ailis pointing at her beetle, Smedley. Her show 'n' tell tomorrow is supposed to be about animals, so she searched around and found Smedley in the yard, and now she's keeping him in a container with some leaves. Poor guy, I'm not sure he's going to make it until tomorrow, he keeps flipping over onto his back in submission! Ailis has the most gorgeous hands, which you can't really tell from this photo. Her fingers are long and slender with these perfect oval nails. I'm thinking she got them from the McCleary side!

For a lovely contrast, here's Brenna's pudgey mitts! She was eating peanut butter toast and bananas, a favorite combo.

Well, I know I'm jumping around a bit on ya, but such is the life of a busy mom. I am off to take some more photos (self-portrait, favorite shoes, clouds and books) and later do the 30 Day Shred! Why don't you join in on either of these challenges, I'd love to have some more company!


  1. Fab photos Roxy, love the hands, I agree Ailis's hands are so pretty, but I love Brenna's little chubby cute ones too! Now, your breakfast. Erm, what can I say about that?!!! Delicious? Maybe not! Good for you for eating healthily though!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your photos!

    Not sure what is happening with Blogger at the moment, but good to know that you are at least visiting even if you aren't able to leave a message - thanks for the shout out!

    Hugs, Carole xxx

  2. Absolutely understand you jumping around, I have a blasted chest infection at the moment and am so hoping to shake it by not exercising and keeping very low key, came on late last night, thought honestly I was having serious breathing problems....even told Nate the 000 number. I am popping over to those sites you talk about, I have to shed some weight but maybe have to look at the big picture and accept that it may take some time and forget about pictures of me in my fitness not going to happen. I am really interested in that video you talk of....let me know if you recommend it, how cute by the way is Ailis pointing to her beetle, Nate loves creatures and because I don't kill spiders etc here he puts them outside and says, "they go find their mum now mummy"....Melxx

  3. Love your hand photos! I have a 'thing' for hand and feet pics. :)
    Your breakfast... ummmm.... Yeah, I'll let you eat that one. lol Good for you on eating healthy though! I am trying to make a few changes in my eating habits. I outgrew my 'before married life' clothes, had to buy a bunch of new ones... now these are starting to get sung. I refuse to go up ANOTHER size. lol
    So far, I am trying to be more active, and i have been drinking diet soda instead of regular these past three weeks or so. I've managed to loose a little bit. Maybe one of these days, I will be super fit... again. :)

  4. Kudos Roxy! I could do the oatmeal but not the egg whites. Actually, as long as I can still have coffee I think I could handle just about anything! LOL!
    I'd love to join you on your 30 Day shred but since my knee is well and truly shredded already, I will just watch with interest. I AM trying to keep up with my Move More, Eat Less Challenge but my weight loss journey this time (ah, the good old post-pregnancy weight roller coaster!!) is a marathon not a sprint. maybe even an ULTRA marathon! LOL!
    Good luck!