Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Photo Fun and a Drive-By Shooting!

For Day 1 of the 30 Day Photo Fun Challenge, the prompt was self-portrait, so I went out on our deck yesterday and snapped this beauty! I bought this hat yesterday, and I think I'm gonna be wearing it a lot, so I definitely had to feature it in my self-portrait.

Here's a photo of my favorite shoes for Day 2:

The Birkenstocks are about 4 years old, and I may have to buy a new pair petty quick, they're quite worn out. Jason bugged me for years to get a pair, he said they were the most comfortable shoes he's ever worn, but I resisted because I thought they were so ugly. Well, he was right and I was wrong, I admit defeat! I do think this pair is more attractive than the average pair, though. The boots are Trekstas (I think that name is so funny, we make gangsta jokes about them all the time!) and I've had them about 12 years now. They are all-purpose winter, hiking, whateva boots! Although I did notice when frog-hunting with Nolan in the rain that they are not as waterproof as they once were. I wonder if I'll be able to find the same again? The Converse sneakers I bought the same time as the Birkenstocks. I love 'em 'cause they're bright and funky, just like me! I used to wear heels a lot as a young twenty-something, but now you can see I go for comfort! I think this photo might be pretty funny to look at one day, who knows what will be in style 20 years from now!

Day 3 was hands, which I posted yesterday. So onto Day 4, which is clouds. Now I've never taken a photo of clouds, and I thought I'd have a hard time because it was a beautiful blue sky yesterday (for once!) Well, it did cloud over during Nolan's soccer practice, and we had a big thunder storm at bedtime. I just love thunderstorms, don't you? These are my two best shots, one of a cloud I think looks like a monster face:

And here are the storm clouds coming in over the soccer fields:

Day 5 was "Breakfast Today" which I already posted yesterday, so onto Day 6: Books! Now everyone knows I loooooove books, so I just took a couple shots of my currently reading/to be read pile, and this one I think turned out best:

Some of these are for book clubs, and I got the Elizabeth Hay book from Jason for our anniversary. I always like Maeve Binchy, and I've read all the rest of the Outlander series except "An Echo in the Bone" so I'm excited for that one too.

I am not a professional photographer (really?) and I've been using Nolan's little Fuji point 'n' click for all of these because my somewhat snazzier Kodak's battery went dead the other day, and I haven't found the recharger. Also, I'm not the type to have a second battery on hand, because that would just be way too sensible.

P.S. I did a workout from the 30 Day Shred video yesterday, and it went pretty well. (Read more about that here.) The workout is 20 minutes long and quite intense, but then it's over! Totally the way I want to exercise, just "getterdun". Which reminds me of a waitress in Alaska, she's the first person I'd ever heard say that, and I thought it was hilarious because she was talking about our toast. And this brings me to my next photo, my drive-by shooting:

This is a photo of our neighbour's truck. I wish I was kidding, but I'm soooooo not. Do you think I need to worry?


  1. Oh wow what stunning photos dear girl, I love the one of you with the front yard in the background, and the shoes, and the truck, gorgeous to find out more about you, I think you are an awesome photographer. Melxx

  2. Fun!!! Great photos Rox!!! I love the first cloud one (: Our whole sky is clouds today ): and it's windy and cold.

  3. Hey there!! I just wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog today. I was happy to see you're from 100 Mile as I'm in Merritt but lived in Williams Lake for most of my life...(almost 40). It's so neat to see local people on your blog. I've poked my nose around and congrats on trying to improve your health etc. Good luck with taht!! Hugs!

  4. Hey Roxy, I'm totally enjoying your 30 day challenge photos- will have to go check out the blog you're getting the prompts from and maybe make them a summer project just for me :) Looks like we have similar taste in books, so I'll have to check out some titles I haven't read yet (another summer project? there's always so many more than I can handle LOL)

  5. Echo in the Bone is AWESEOME! Like there'd be any doubt. I think I may try and reread all of them again this summer. We had a garage sale last weekend and buried in the garage was a box of books left over from a garage sale we had a few years ago. In that box were my Diana Gabaldon set and I yelped. Yes, really, I did. I quickly grabbed them and rushed them into the house. Not sure how they found their way into a box of books to sell!! Must have been the hubby!
    Anyway, I may have to check out this photo challenge too. Looks like a lot of fun! Now that I'm finally able to post comments on your blog I am working my way backwards and rediscovering all your posts. Love the self portrait!