Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photo Fun Day 20 - Water

This is the little lake across the street from where we live. It's really a beautiful marshey thing (aside from the bench and can in there) with lots of birds and ducks, so I asked Nolan if he wanted to go down with me last night and do some photography. He was totally game, and after I took a few shots of the water, I concentrated on getting some candids of him walking through the grass. I love this one:

And check this one out - BOKEH!!!


1 comment:

  1. You live across from that?!?! I think I would be sitting on my front porch all the time if that was my view! Its gorgeous!!
    You will definitely have to make a trip down south. Just don't poke fun at our accents!! LOL
    I have been to Canada once when I was in Elementary school... went to your all's side of Niagra Falls... if that counts. We did spend one night there. I would love to go back one day... I would love to go where they filmed Anne of Green Gables. Is that still a big tourist attraction? Those movies have some of the prettiest settings. :)
    Maybe one day... :)
    Well, if you ever get to ky, let me know! lol