Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Photo Fun Days 27-30 and a Shout-Out!

Hey, remember when I was doing that June Photo Fun Challenge? Well, now that it's September, maybe I should post the rest of what I managed to get. I'm skipping Day 26, which is "Your Favorite Color". I can't even identify a fave color, but it might be lime green. Seems like I'm drawn to that color lately. Day 27 was "Your Weakness". Well, here's mine, chocolate!
I'm not really a chocolate binge eater, which is a good thing, I guess, but I just love to savor a piece of expensive chocolate. This box was a treat from Nolan via my mom, so it was extra special (Nolan's not usually the thoughtful, gift-giving type)!

Day 28 was "Transportation". I found this old truck down the road from our place and snapped this original photo:
It turned out really bright, so I cropped it and tried some effects in Picasa, and this is what I came up with:
Kind of cool, eh? Which one do you like better?

Day 29 was "Trees". I don't really think the trees around here are all that interesting (shhh, don't tell my husband I said that, he's a forester, and very preoccupied with trees!) so this was a tough one for me. One weekend, we made a day trip to Williams Lake and dropped the boys off for a bike ride. Ailis spotted these and said, "Cool, look at the beautiful lichen!" Thanks, Ailis!
And finally, Day 30 - "Family". Well, most of my photos are of family, but it's rare to get a pic of all of us, so I thought I'd include this one, especially since Jason's brother Mike is in there:
The camera was attached to the Gorillapod (cool little tripod, inexpensive and very portable!) and it's amazing that everyone is looking, well, normal! This one was a one-shot deal, and I can't believe it turned out so well!

And finally, a very heartfelt thank you to my bloggy friend, Jenn, who made my day last Thursday! It was kind of a blah day, yucky weather, 101 fights with Nolan, and motivation at about 0 out of 10. I checked my mailbox, and there was a little package from Jenn, with 2 beautiful stamps and 5 (seriously?!?!) Copic markers!!! Nope, I didn't win any blog candy, I'm not sure why she sent them, or what I did to deserve such generosity from someone I've never met, but it sure is appreciated! I was doing a crazy happy dance/squealing combo and Nolan said something like, "This is weird!" Yeah, well, so am I, I guess! Anyway, thanks again, Jenn, you are the best!


  1. Great shots Roxy! Love the cool effects on the truck...blue and yellow one is my fav!! And what a wonderful surprise from Jenn!!! She must have just known you needed a little pick me up! Have fun with your goodies.

  2. You are oh so welcome Rox!! It's fun to get a little surprise every once and awhile, I knew you were just starting out with the copics and some new stamps are always fun to practice on (: I hope you know I wasn't criticizing your colour choices on your image that day I asked about the YGs, I just needed to know if you had them already (: