Sunday, December 12, 2010

December Daily Day 11

Jason and Nolan went out to get the tree yesterday, and they came back with the most beautiful tree I think we've ever had! It's up in the living room right now and the kids are just itching to decorate it! I made another flip flap thingey so I could include some larger photos and journaling, and after doing 11 pages of this project, I've decided next year's album should be a larger format! (As a little side note here, I was proudly showing Jason my album last night, and he said, "You should do one for a year!" Men, they just really have no idea, do they?)


  1. LOL no, most men do not have a clue. My dh is great for proofreading, and when he sees the Hawaii book I made for him, I know he'll spot the 5 or 6 mistakes "I" missed.

    I may have to try the photo-flap soon since I'm pretty sure I'll go back to digital next year.

  2. Man!! does Nolan ever look like his Daddy in this pic!!! Can you imagine!!! a WHOLE year!!!! Yikes you would really have to be on the ball!!

    Your book looks fab so far!!!

  3. Not sure what I love more..your December Daily Album or listening to Cory Monteith sing Jessie's Girl :) Thanks for sharing

  4. Lovely page Roxy, love the traditional Christmas colours and the fact that you can just go into the forest and cut yourself down a tree - that would be a real no-no here in the UK (and we live right by a forest too!) Real trees here are also very expensive :(

    Carole x