Friday, December 17, 2010

December Daily Day 15

Nolan's class worked really hard to put together a couple of skits and presented them to the parents on Wednesday. He had been talking about how he was going to be the Abominable Snowman for weeks, so we were excited to see what this was all about. After seeing the play, I still don't really know! It was all in French! I took French up to Grade 12, but obviously I didn't learn much (or I forgot it all!) but from what I could see, the kids did a great job. See the picture on the right? That was Nolan for the whole play! Many parents suggested that we get his eyes checked, but when we asked him afterwards why he had his paper up in front of his face, he said he had some stage fright. This must be a new development, because he's never had it before! Anyway, that's why I took the photo of him on the left afterwards, so I would have at least one good clear picture of his face. What a guy!


  1. Great story! I especially love that you couldn't understand the play 'cus it was in French! LOL! We considered putting our kids into french immersion and that was my greatest fear. That I wouldn't be able to understand them! AND that they'd start talking about me in French in front of me and I'd be clueless!!
    It's bad enough in English!!

  2. I love this page! No wonder you were feeling so proud, that's what us Mums do when we watch our kids in whatever they do - especially when they are the abominable snowman!!! I love that ...!

    Carole x