Thursday, December 16, 2010

December Daily Day 14

This page is all about Nolan's obsession with hockey. I had meant to go to his practice on Tuesday night and take some photos, but Jason ended up taking him instead. So I just used some photos I had from other days. Last winter Jason made a rink in the front yard for the first time, and this year he chopped down a couple trees (well, measley little branches, really)
in order to expand the rink. (It was pretty funny to see Jason firing up the chainsaw to cut down these "trees" that he probably could've just broken off with his hands - what will the neighbours think?) Anyway, I'll have to make a 12x12 page one day about Jason and how seriously he takes his rink-keeper duties. He's out there "plowing" or flooding it just about every day - it's pretty much a second job keeping that thing up. Well, this year it's all worth it, because Nolan's out there practicing for hours at a time! He's like the Energizer bunny, just keeps going and going... The picture under the flip flap is him with the two grandmas - somehow he convinced them to go out there at night with him and slap the puck around. Amazing there were no broken hips!


  1. Just getting caught up on your Dec. daily posts - they are wonderful. Really wish I could have gotten it together to do year! Glad you got your package Rox!

  2. I just re-read this post! You have your own rink? In your front yard?!!! WOW! Oh my goodness! That is so awesome. We are struggling here with just a little bit of snow - everything grinds to a halt we are just so unprepared! It is pretty though until it goes to slush ... yuk!

    I love that Nolan got both of his Grandmas out there on the rink with him!!!

    Carole x