Monday, December 27, 2010

December Daily Day 20

This day was pretty horrid! Any time we transition from the regular routine of school to the irregularity of holidays, Nolan starts to wig out. The first week of summer holidays was really bad, so maybe I should have expected the turmoil, but it totally caught me off guard. I didn't want to write about all the fights we had on this day, however, so I did a simple page with a small photo of the kids snuggled together watching cartoons before all hell broke loose. The calm before the storm! Thankfully, this day was the worst of December (so far, fingers crossed!)

I stamped the two doodley frames, then masked them before spraying with Glimmer Mist, and I really like how that turned out. I may save this technique for a full 12x12 page one day! Thanks for looking!



  1. Fab page Roxy, and I know that feeling only too well (sadly!) It's a really cute photo (just try to forget what happened next!) Loving the glimmer mist effect.

    Hope you had a lovely birthday!

    Carole x

  2. Ah! I see what you meant about my Day 20 being vastly different from yours! Poor you! I sympathize. My middle daughter had lots of trouble with the lack of "normal" too. Her turmoil didn't come out so much in fights with me as complete uncooperation on the picture posing front and a tendancy to relapse into babyhood again (wanting to ride in the stroller all the time etc).
    Hopefully things are on a more even keel now!

    Oh, and I like your technique! What kind of mists do you use and where do you get them? I just purchased some distressing sprays from Michaels that I want to try but if you've got a line on a favourite I'm all ears!!