Friday, December 24, 2010

December Daily Day 19

This was really cute! For such a gung-ho hockey dad, Jason cannot skate to save his life. So when we heard a hockey player friend would be passing through town, we told him to bring his skates so he could take a driving break on our rink. He was happy to battle it out with Nolan, and they actually worked up quite a sweat! As he was leaving, Nolan asked for a rematch and said, "You're going down to the core of the Earth where you'll be blasted back up to the Sun!" That's typical Nolan-speak for, "You're going down!"

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  1. Another great page Roxy - I'm playing catch up again at the moment ...

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and ...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you are enjoying your special day.

    Carole x