Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Daily Day 16

This was the day the kids had their school "Christmas Concert" - note the quotation marks! It was really nice to see the kids sing, and I don't want to be negative here, but suffice it to say I was expecting a little bit more. I almost didn't go to the event because on their notice home, all it said was, "Thursday, 1:30, carol singing in the gym, parents welcome". Luckily I asked one of the teachers if this was their "concert", otherwise I probably would have stayed home with a napping Brenna.
Anyway, this day ended up being a three-pager. The first page is Ailis. I cut some circles to put around her head, sort of like an ornament, but also to call attention to her. The second page is a photocopy of the program they handed out, and on the backside is Nolan, where I used a little blackboard arrow to point him out in the group. It was extremely difficult to get photos in this setting, and the ones on these pages were even doctored up a lot, so you can imagine what the originals looked like - absolutely HORRIFIC!!! But at least the memories are documented, right? Thanks for looking!

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  1. How funny that something you nearly didn't go to should end up being three pages worth! It's funny how some things turn out. So glad that you enjoyed it!

    Carole x