Friday, December 3, 2010

December Daily Day 2

Here is the second page of my December Daily album. I'm just waiting on some photo paper to print out this photo, below, which will go up in the top left corner:

Then I think I will make another page, maybe from the piece of holly transparency I have, to put this photo: I went to the drugstore to print out a bunch of these, only one kiosk was broken and the other was busy and then Brenna started to fuss, so I left it for today. The Christmas cards won't get mailed until Monday at the earliest, so I guess there's no rush for the family photo. Jason doesn't like this photo, I guess because Nolan wasn't cooperating, but this is the best of the bunch (and believe me, there's a huuuuuuge bunch!) and it really represents who we are. Sad to say, but I think this photo shoot was the first with all five of us...ever!
Anyway, here's a few other photos from yesterday that I'm thinking of including: Ailis cutting pics out of magazines and gluing them down (not sure why, just one of her little arts and crafts projects).
Jason and Brenna playing on the piano (it's so cute to see her banging away on this thing!)
Nolan researching which hockey helmet he wants for Christmas. (Who knew there were so many?) And that was pretty much it for December 2nd, 2010. Tomorrow I will post December 3rd, so stay tuned, 'cause it's a doozy!



  1. Sorry I didn't have a chance to post on your first day!! Your book looks fabulous so far!! I love your story about the family pic!! That is so us (: my aunt took a bunch last year and we just settled on the best of the bunch (: I think Nolan is hilarious!! and could have been doing something so much worse!! I've barely even started my cards so to me you are way ahead of the game being able to get yours out MOnday!!!

  2. Good work Roxy! I laughed at your comment about that being the first pic of the 5 of you. We are in pretty much the same position! Our youngest is 20 months and I think in all that time we have MAYBE 3 pictures of the 5 of us! Sad! It's just so hard to get everyone together and cooperating.